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A Season to Savor:Autum Across Europe

Our gallery welcomes the fall season with a show celebrating a visual feast of picturesque autum scenes from around Europe. Artists capture its vitality and kaleidoscope of colors with a showcase of masterworks by Galien Laloue, Szertz, Marini, Kiperas, Roshin, Guillement, Payes and others.

Susan Hiller: Psi Girls

Describing her work as "paraconceptual" American-born and London-based artist Susan Hiller combines modalities of conceptual art practice with investigations of paranormal phenomena. The influence of the inexplicable on the everyday finds particular expression in Psi Girls, a five-screen video installation comprising color-altered clips from five popular films of the 1970s, 80s and 90s.

BOLD: The Art of DNA Barcoding

This interactive exhibition of tropical biodiversity art, science and technology features innovative Seattle artist Joseph Rossano's biodiversity scuplture series inspired and accompanied by acclaimed tropical ecologist Dr. Daniel H. Janzen's caterpillar and butterfly photographs from Area de Conservacion Guanacaste (ACG), Costa Rica.

Around the World in 80 Days

It is 1872, and the mysterious, brilliant, mathematically precise Englishman Phileas Fogg has wagered his considerable fortune that the world can now be circumnavigated in 80 days. Will bandits, buffalo, winter storms and Scotland Yard prevent him and his wily valet, Passepartout, from completing this daunting task? Jumping between trains and steamships, even employing an elephant, this magical journey leads Fogg to discover a wider world as well as his own heart.

Behold, America!

This fall, three San Diego art museums — the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego, The San Diego Museum of Art and the Timken Museum of Art — will bring together the finest American works from their permanent collections to present a groundbreaking collaborative exhibition titled "Behold, America!: Art of the United States from Three San Diego Museums." Internationally known for their permanent collections and scholarly exhibitions, these institutions together provide a three-museum venue for "Behold, America!," which will be on view from Nov. 10, 2012, through Feb. 10, 2013. This civic collaboration, which presents work from the colonial period to the present, offers an unprecedented opportunity to view the full sweep of American art history as told through the visual art of three institutions, and to reconsider how national and individual identities have shifted over time. While lending selected works among institutions is not uncommon, "Behold, America!" is unique in the scope of the exchange and the intermingling of these distinctive collections. It is also the first time the three institutions have worked together on one project.

Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots

Yoshimi must choose between two boyfriends, but first she’s got to take down an army of pink robots. This magical tale of love and the struggle for survival is a poignant and humanistic story set to the music of The Flaming Lips. Featuring a 14-foot robot puppet, dancers in glowing LED costumes and stunning projections, this is another world premiere musical from Playhouse Director Emeritus and Tony Award winner Des McAnuff that you just cannot miss.

Distributed Solar Summit 2012

The only business hub where decision-makers come each year to move the distributed solar sector forward and to facilitate distributive solar development, finance and investment. This year's Summit takes place during a critical period of transition in the sector's history. The sector now faces an emerging new competitive landscape, shaped by diminishing government support, low natural gas prices and tougher financial hurdles. Business as usual won't make the cut.

Implementing Smart Growth Development

City representatives from Imperial Beach, Del Mar and Encinitas will highlight recent and ongoing planning updates and showcase new sustainable development opportunities. The panel includes Gregory Wade, assistant city manager and community development director for Imperial Beach; Al Corti, principal at CortiGilchrist Partnership LLC; Patrick Murphy, director of planning and building for Encinitas; and Greg Shannon, president of Sedona Pacific Corp.

Critical Conversations: Utilizing Feedback Opportunities to Enhance Employee Performance

This workshop will discuss the importance of having critical conversations even when they are difficult, weighing the cost/benefit, navigating the difficult conversation to a win-win outcome and making this critical part of your organization or team.

Living as Form (The Nomadic Version)

An international project exploring more than 20 years of cultural works that blur the forms art and everyday life, emphasizing participation, dialogue and community engagement.

Margaret Noble: 44th and Landis

Part of the MCASD’s ongoing "Cerca" series, this mixed media installation by sound artist Margaret Noble charts a psychogeographical path through San Diego’s City Heights neighborhood, where the artist grew up. Combining visual traces of the neighborhood’s early Victorian years and motifs drawn from 1980s urban pop culture, "Margaret Noble: 44th and Landis" takes the form of an ephemeral sculptural environment comprising hundreds of cut paper forms. The installation also incorporates an experiential soundscape spread over 14 handmade paper speakers, and will serve as the set for a series of sound-based performances by Noble. A performance will take place on Nov. 17.
Real Estate7:00p

The 5 Easy Steps to Wholesaling

With Ginger L. Macias, MPH, MS. Ginger, is an active wholesaler, rehabber, landlord, and educator. She founded in 2008 & has been supplying investment properties at a discount to rehabbers, landlords, and end-users. At the meeting she will teach you the 5 easy steps to Wholesaling: How to find the BEST motivated sellers! How to Analyze property to make sure it's a GREAT deal! How to get that contract signed! How to find CASH buyers! How to get paid and cash out a big check at escrow!! This is not your typical real estate presentation. It is a hands-on wholesaling class! Ginger will be giving away FREE real estate prizes to some lucky winners, so be sure to register early! If you want to get started in real estate & need the concrete steps to jump start your business, don't miss this! For experienced rehabbers, come learn how YOU can find the best deals in the market, or send your acquisition team over for some great training! Doors open at 6:00 PM for Networking. Active Duty Military -Free.

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