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Fiddler on the Roof

An Amazing Encore...Lamb's stunning production of this great musical returns for a limited run at a new theatre!

In The Time of The Butterflies

In The Time of The Butterflies” is a true story of the four Mirabal sisters, known for their code name “butterflies,” who dared to challenge Generalissmo Rafael Trujillo who ruled the Dominican Republic in 1960. The sisters: Patricia, Dede, Minerva and Maria Teresa Maribal led a resistance to defeat one of the century’s most brutal dictators. Svich, a graduate from University of California San Diego, is one of America’s premier playwrights and adaptors of the best of Latin American literature. “In The Time of The Butterflies” is a best-selling novel that has been selected as one the Best Books for Young Adults by the American Library Association. Svich has crafted a world premiere new play about the Maribal sisters willingness to fight for freedom. The REP’s upcoming production of “In The Time of The Butterflies” is the English language World Premiere.


The 39 Steps

4 multi-talented actors play dozens of charaters in this wild ride thru Hitchcock's classic spy thriller-a hilarious adventure romp from London to the Scottish Highland's and back as Richard Hannay attempts to prove his innocence and discover the secret of The 39 Steps.

SDCBA Basketball League

Teams are now forming for the upcoming 2014 San Diego County Bar Association Basketball League. The league is open to both men and women and players of all levels are welcome. The games are played Monday and Wednesday nights beginning in February/March at San Diego High School. This is a great way to get some exercise and meet other professionals in the legal field. For further information and details on joining the league, please check out the League's website at or contact Finally, please pass this article and information onto any of your colleagues who may have any interest in playing basketball. Deadline to sign up for a team in Feb. 14th.

No Cost Help for Your Business. Really!

Leading topic: Setting up a new business and making sure your existing business was set-up correctly. Special guest: Selina Steele, Atty and counselor at Law, Profesioanl Tax Consultants.

SDEA Employment Law Update 2014

Key Legal Developments: Learn about the latest rulings and legislative developments in California and the ways in which they will impact your company. Top Employers Mistakes of 2013: Hear real world examples of situations in which companies failed to follow the laws or made judgement errors and it cost them. Headline News for Employers: This session will summarize the latest and most important labor and employment law news impacting employers
Real Estate8:00a

California AB 1103: Full (Energy Use) Disclosure for Commercial Real Estate Lenders and Financiers

AB 1103 requires energy use disclosure at the time of submitting an application to refinance a commercial real estate loan. This workshop will focus on the compliance requirements, disclosure timetables, eligible property types and sizes and key energy use metrics most useful to commercial real estate lenders. Advanced registration required.

HireLive Retail Sales and Management Career Fair

Interview to start your new career January 14th & 15th! HireLive is a national career service company specializing in Sales, Retail and Management Career Fairs, and has more than a decade of experience in connecting job seekers with industry leading companies that are currently hiring. This is your opportunity to interview face to face with 15+ Fortune 500 and Industry Leading companies seeking talented, experienced and enthusiastic sales, retail and management candidates.
Real Estate10:00a

California AB 1103: Full (Energy Use) Disclosure for Commercial Real Estate Owners and Investors

Savvy commercial real estate owners and investors interested in optimizing asset and rental value now have a new tool in the tool box - energy use disclosure. Understanding the benefits of this new legislation is critical to avoiding penalties or leaving money on the negotiation table. Attend to learn the compliance requirements, disclosure timetable, eligible property types and sizes and key energy use metrics.

The Quantified Self Movement

You’ll soon make your New Year’s resolution, and it will probably have something to do with exercise, diet or health, right? Learn how the growing availability of inexpensive monitoring devices, personal genetic profiles and the increasing sophistication of software apps and social networks promise to fuel the self-tracking revolution around personal health and fitness. What is the Quantified Self movement and why are fitness buffs, techno geeks and patients with chronic conditions obsessively monitoring their various personal metrics? Is this trend the beginning of a major shift in how we look at our health? What is the distinction between digital health and self-monitoring? Why are global sports clothing companies investing in this technology? Join us for what is certain to be a lively panel discussion around the convergence of technology and personal health.

Slow Money SoCal San Diego Gathering

San Diego’s food entrepreneurs, farmers, business leaders, investors, and community gather for the Slow Money SoCal evening of networking, great food, and discussion to create a stronger San Diego local food system. Purchase tickets at (The event is free with a $10-15 suggested donation.)
Real Estate6:00p

San Diego's Changing Built Environment

Join leaders from the local real estate design and development community to learn about best practices in stakeholder communications, including outreach strategies that are helping to shape San Diego's built environment. This dynamic, interactive panel discussion will reveal how today's most successful real estate organizations are leveraging fundamental public relations techniques to advocate for smart growth and gain positive support from stakeholders.

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