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Fiddler on the Roof

An Amazing Encore...Lamb's stunning production of this great musical returns for a limited run at a new theatre!

In The Time of The Butterflies

In The Time of The Butterflies” is a true story of the four Mirabal sisters, known for their code name “butterflies,” who dared to challenge Generalissmo Rafael Trujillo who ruled the Dominican Republic in 1960. The sisters: Patricia, Dede, Minerva and Maria Teresa Maribal led a resistance to defeat one of the century’s most brutal dictators. Svich, a graduate from University of California San Diego, is one of America’s premier playwrights and adaptors of the best of Latin American literature. “In The Time of The Butterflies” is a best-selling novel that has been selected as one the Best Books for Young Adults by the American Library Association. Svich has crafted a world premiere new play about the Maribal sisters willingness to fight for freedom. The REP’s upcoming production of “In The Time of The Butterflies” is the English language World Premiere.

Real Estate

Accredited Buyer Representative

According to data from the NAR Member Profile, the median income of REALTORS® with at least one designation was nearly $22,000 more than the income of those with no designation, and 95% of homebuyers say that they highly value agent knowledge. Tuition includes a one-year membership to the Real Estate Buyer’s Agent Council. You will receive REBAC’s magazine, newsletter, audiotapes, professionally created marketing tools and networking opportunities.

3rd Annual Conference and Exhibition of the Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening (SLAS)

Featuring more than 5,500 of the world’s leading scientists, engineers, researchers and technologists from academic, government and corporate laboratories. Interact with many of the world’s pre-eminent minds responsible for the development and use of technology innovation expressly for use in laboratory setting
Real Estate7:00a

Real Estate Done Really Well: An Overview of Recent Success in the Market

With the improvement in the real estate market, there may be an opportunity for significant real estate transactions in 2014. Our panelists will discuss recent mergers and acquisitions and significant real estate transactions that have occurred as well as forecast activity for the new year. Our speakers will share their insights into what makes for a good transaction and how deals get done.
Real Estate9:00a

Red Flags: Natural Hazard, Title, Termite

Learn how to read and interpret your reports – natural hazard, title, and termite – from an expert panel. Understand your fiduciary duties regarding these reports.

Estimating General Conditions/Requirements For Engineering Projects

Outline of presentation including a case study of the recently bid Pipeline 3 Relining for Carlsbad Desalinization Project to show relationship between general conditions/general requirements and direct costs. Mobilization: mobile equipment, set up yard and trailers (Contractor's and Engineer's offices), permits and fees, photographic documentation, surveying, demobilization contractor's site project management. Project specific items: In plant inspection, NDT welding inspection. Principal speaker: Tim Dyerm Staff Estimator, San Diego County Water Authority and In-House Speaker: Frank Young-CSOS Consulting.

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