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21st Annual San Diego Latino Film Festival

21 years of bringing you the best in Cinema Latino! 11 fun-filled days of celebrities, filmmakers, international films, telenova stars, paparazzi, music, parties and you!

Complexities of Cultural Identity Exhibit

Richard A. Lou, "Stories On My Back" and James Luna, "I CON". Two artists examine the complexities of cultural identity in this thought-provoking exhibit.

ASSE 6010 Medical Gas Systems Installer Certification

This 32-hour course is designed to take the seasoned plumber/fitter and teach them the information necessary to install medical gas and vacuum pipeline systems in human health care occupancies, including hospitals, office-based occupancies, nursing homes, and outpatient care facilities. Topics include all facets of equipment such as air compressors, vacuum pumps; valving and hangers, and testing are covered as well as a section on the special brazing requirements for medical gas and vacuum tubing. Practical training is included, including student coupons that are sent to outside laboratories for independent examination. Topics also include the requirements of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). NFPA 99 is the textbook. The cost, which is $1395 per person, includes textbook, breakfast and lunch.

Certified Occupational Safety Specialist

The Certified Occupational Safety Specialist Program (COSS) is a unique, curriculum-based training course that was conceived by safety professionals and is recognized nationwide for its rigorous standards and outstanding curriculum. COSS is designed to be an in-depth set of learning modules that equip workers with the core competencies of occupational safety and health for the Chemical, Construction, Energy, Engineering, Fire, Food, Government, Human Resources, Health, Medical, Municipal, Oil and Gas, Security, Shipyard, Transportation and Utility fields. Join us for this nationally-accredited safety certification program and leave with a rewarding and beneficial toolbox of tips, tricks, solutions (and a national designation) for your workplace safety program. COSS graduates also receive the OSHA 10-Hour Construction card, as well as the 10-Hour General Industry card.
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Seniors Real Estate Specialist

Seniors are the fastest-growing segment of the real estate market in the U.S. In this 2-day course, learn how to help seniors make wise decisions about selling the family home, buying rental property, and managing capital gains.
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Broker Price Opinion Resource (BPOR Certification)

This new certification course from NAR will provide you with the knowledge and skills to reduce your risk and increase your opportunities by creating professional and accurate BPOs.

Beautiful, Brilliant and Brave: A Celebration of Black Women

An Exhibit Celebrating Black Women Throughout the Diaspora. This exhibit celebrates the diverse beauty, brilliance and bravery of Black women throughout the world and highlights many local women that have made amazing contributions within their communities and professions. Our guest curator, Starla Lewis, is a longtime professor of Black History at Mesa Community College views the exhibit focus from a viewpoint well honed after 25 years of study and teaching the topic within the social scope of American life.

Significant 2013 Court Decisions and New 2014 Legislation Affecting the Construction Industry

ASPE San Diego Chapter 4's Monthly Dinner Meeting. Presentation Outline: Review of Significant Court Cases from 2013; Update of New Legislation Impacting Construction for 2014; How Have Recent Statutes Impacted Ethical Conduct Related to Best Practices. RSVP to Michael Moyers, CPE at 858-737-7316 or

ASPE's Annual Ethics Program

PROGRAM: "Significant 2013 Court Decisions and New 2014 Legislation Affecting the Construction Industry" NOTE: MINIMUM REQUIRED ATTENDANCE FOR SMALL SEPARATE DINING ROOM IS 25 ATTENDEES TO MEET OUR GUARANTEE!

Significant 2013 Court Decisions and New 2014 Legislation

ASPE San Diego Chapter 4's Monthly Dinner Meeting ANNUAL ETHICS PROGRAM. PROGRAM: "Significant 2013 Court Decisions and New 2014 Legislation Affecting the Construction Industry"

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