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Mandate Memories

In this tauut and witty drama filled with reveleations of love affairs, dreams ad the founding of Israel, layers are peeled away to reveal the deep hearts of two caring and compassionate human beings. By the author of HALPREN and JOHNSON, Lionel Goldstein once again takes us deep into the hearts of two fascinating characters.

Artist in Residence: Jarmo Mkila

The large-scale autobiographical paintings of Jarmo Makila reflect personal childhood memories and he mythology of his native Finland, Literary allusions convey dreamlike reminiscences of boyhood experiences.

Metaloci: Points of Transformation

"Metaloci: Points of Transformation" is an exhibition curated by the San Diego Mesa College Museum Studies Program at the Mission Valley Library. Featured artists: Jenny Armer, Teresa Chen, Scott Genglebach, Daniele Fratarcangeli, Joshua Krause, Miguel Milló, Reinhart Selvik, and Charity Vincent. “Metaloci: Points of Transformation” is a group exhibit that investigates the elusive nature of transformation through the use of glass, metal, paint, photography, found-objects, and more. Each of the artists in the show has his own unique methodology for creating art, but the one common denominator among them all is an ability to transform ideas into tangible images and objects that embody a process of transformation.
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Regional Breakfast Series San Diego Economic Outlook

In our Annual Regional Breakfast Series, we bring to you our latest U.S. and California Forecasts along with a focused view of the regional economy. We will also discuss what is happening in San Diego real estate and the direction in which it's heading. Join us in San Diego on April 17th. Registration Code: SDDT.

Trenching & Excavation

Excavating is recognized as one of the most hazardous construction operations. Over a 5-year period, 26 California workers were killed and 207 others were injured in trench cave-ins. In almost every instance, the cause of these accidents was a failure to properly shore or slope the trench. This class is designed to meet the requirements of OSHA 1926.650-652, as well as CCR Title 8, Regulations 1539-1547.
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When in Doubt... Disclose, Disclose, Disclose!

Most claims or lawsuits filed against real estate agents involve some form of failure to disclose material facts which the buyer feels should have been disclosed to him or her. In this seminar you will learn the laws that govern our disclosure obligations under the Transfer Disclosure Statement. Also discussed will be the forms to use, and practices and procedures which are designed to assist the agent to comply with the laws and standards of practice.

Fundamentals of Crew Leadership / Foremanship

Topics to be discussed: The Basics; The Need for Training; Leadership Skills; Communication; Motivation; Team Building; Safety; Cost of Accidents; Regulations; Workplace Inspections; Accident Investigation; Project Control; Planning Phase; Cost Estimating and Budgeting; Resource Control; Equipment Control; Tool Control; Labor Control.

Big Data and Analytics in M2M

There has been a lot of talk about the potential of Big Data applied to the Internet of Things. The technology has matured to the point where remote sensors and devices generate tons of Internet data, often in real time, and millions of connected customers eagerly seek valuable health, security, and financial information. In order to seize related business opportunities, IOT business leaders must deftly identify potential for delivering value and deliver solutions that will reduce massive amounts of streamed data to knowledge. This panel will discuss ways that M2M analytics can help connect the dots between big data and mass markets, what various companies are doing in this space, what gets most traction and what gets funded. We will also look into new business models that are emerging in this field.

Live Arts Fest 2014

San Diego Dance Theater presents 10 evenings of incredible Live Arts, from modern dance, to puppetry, to singing and stories imagined. Join us for this festival of moving art! Buy a festival pass and see all 10 performances for only $10 each!

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