Calendar: Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Fresh Paint California: A Plein Air Art Exhibition

The exhibition will showcase some of California’s finest plein air painters. Plein air artists paint outdoors to capture the spontaneity and transience of light as it is reflected on the natural world. The exhibition includes paintings done in outdoor locations, as well as ones painted in studio environments after the artist has created smaller outdoor studies. The public is invited to the artists’ reception on Sunday, June 29, 2-4 p.m

Effective Business Writing: Clear, Concise, Creative

A recent study of 100 LinkedIn profiles found that those possessing strong writing skills received considerably more promotions over a ten-year period than their colleagues demonstrating weaker writing skills. This course will teach you the skills you need to communicate your ideas clearly and effectively to your audience and to make your writing stand out. You will learn how to get the ideas out of your head onto paper and how to organize those ideas cohesively. You will also learn how to make your writing stronger, less generic, clearer, and more engaging.

Introduction to Startup Funding

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Balance and Strength Training

To atend this class, a waiver is required. Please call the contact number to request a waiver today.

Dying Intestate-What Happens When I Die Without a Will?

Will the State of California take my assets? Do my parents get anything if I am married? I’m not too wealthy, so does my estate go through probate? What happens to my outstanding debts? This course is designed to answer these questions and to provide attendees an introductory understanding of the laws of intestacy in California. Topics covered will include intestate succession, characterization of the deceased’s property, and the probate process. Further, the course will also cover how certain assets can potentially avoid probate. Speaker: Mark John M. Ignacio is a solo practitioner who currently practices in the areas of Estate Planning, Landlord-Tenant Law, and Business Entities formation.

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