Beware of 'Sudden Jihad Syndrome'

Ms. Sarah Fathy, who bills herself as "a local Muslim," (letter to the editor, Jan. 27) follows precisely the Islamacists "taqiya" propaganda playbook.

She deals the standard "Muslim-as-the-victim" card in responding to a series of historical facts that I cited in a column titled "The Crusader Canard."

Instead of bothering to deny the events wherein I recounted historic Muslim aggressors systematically invading, looting and slaughtering various populations for religious reasons, she undertook instead unfounded personal attacks on me. "Cry then vilify" seems to be her tactic.

There is no freedom of speech under the law of "sharia" that Muslims such as Ms. Fathy are sworn to promote. Just ask the Danish cartoon artists.

Why should readers care what happened in ancient history? Surely those things don't happen now or here?

Well, let's just look at the facts -- again.

On Feb. 19, The San Diego Union-Tribune newspaper reported: "Dozens of bombs go off in Thailand." The story was that the day before, 28 coordinated bombs exploded "in Southern Thailand, an area plagued by a Muslim insurgency."

The killing devices targeted Karaoke bars, hotels, power grids and other public places. Three innocent civilians were killed and 50 injured.

What did peaceful little Thailand do to warrant the murderous Muslims moving in there?

Two pages later, the headline was "Sabotage suspected in train fire." This time the dateline was in New Delhi, a long way from Bangkok.

A train traveling from India to Pakistan had been set afire, killing 65 people. Arson investigators located the cause of the fire, which was two suitcases filled with incendiary material.

Railroad officials, long accustomed to similar security problems along that route, concluded that the fire was set by "Muslim militants" set on cooling an otherwise warming relationship between Pakistan and India, two countries allied with the United States in the war on Muslim terrorists.

What does that have to do with us? That doesn't happen here does it?

Let's just see.

American Islamacists, feeding off of Saudi money that pays for hate schools and mosques throughout the United States, are sowing as much anger as they can, banking on the more excitable among their students to erupt in what one commentator labels the "Sudden Jihad Syndrome" (SJS): seemingly spontaneous random killings of Americans by domestic Muslims.

Cases in point include:

A recent shooting spree in a Salt Lake City Mall. There, Sulejman Talovic, an 18-year-old Muslim immigrant, carried enough ammunition into a peaceful shopping center to kill dozens of people. He succeeded in killing five and wounding four before an off-duty police officer stopped him. Sulejman had spent the previous Friday evening deep in prayer at his nearby mosque.

I wonder what they teach there.

In Seattle, Naveed Afzal Haq went on a shooting rampage at a Jewish Community Center while announcing, "I am a Muslim American and I am angry at Israel." For some reason these guys seem to be angry with everyone.

In Los Angeles, Muslim Hesham Mohamed Hadayet killed two and wounded three others at a ticket counter in LAX.

Bearded 21-year Joel Hindrichs started attending a mosque in Oklahoma. One day he blew himself up with a satchel bomb he was wearing, thankfully, just before entering a packed Oklahoma University stadium.

In Houston, 23-year-old Mohammed Ali Alayed slashed the throat of an erstwhile Jewish "friend" after he attended a local mosque and underwent a religious "awakening." After the battery, he returned to his mosque.

In Washington, D. C., near the anniversary of 9-11, John Muhammed and Lee Malvo, both Black Muslim converts, picked off 13 innocent people in the Beltway suburbs that Muhammad, who had praised the 9-11 attacks, said constituted a "prolonged terror attack against the United States."

In Fremont, Calif., Muslim Omeed Aziz Popal used his SUV to mow people down during a driving spree in San Francisco. He did so he said because he was a "terrorist."

In Minneapolis, another Muslim, Ismail Yassin Mohamed, first stole a car, and when that was wrecked, a van then rammed dozens of innocent people all the while yelling "kill, kill, die, die," saying later that he did so on orders from "Allah."

Twenty-two year old Muslim Mohammed Reza Taheri-azar deliberately rammed his SUV into a large group of people at the University of North Carolina to "punish the government of the United States."

At his trial, Taheri-azar told the judge that he, the judge, was lucky he would learn more about Allah. Mohammed then went on to justify his conduct by quoting the Qu'ran.

I have written several factual columns relating to the violent threat of Islamism.

Muslims are quick to condemn me for telling the truth. But I never hear them condemn their co-religionists for the death and destruction they promulgate.

Why is that?

Stirling is a retired judge who authored the book "Leading at a Higher Level." He is a former Army officer, member of the San Diego City Council, the California State Assembly and the State Senate. Send comments to Comments may be published as letters to the Editor.

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