George Soros is our next president

I remember the day that I met a particularly affable campaign volunteer and his wife. They appeared at my headquarters offering to help any way they could.

I asked them what had brought them in. They were candid. Their company had a policy of encouraging employees to get active in political races that had a bearing on the company's fortunes. I assumed that since they were with me, so was the company. Not so fast. The company had made sure that employees were active on both sides of the race so that no matter who won, the company won.

In the upcoming presidential election, we have been told that the major-party candidates are Senators Obama and McCain.

What do these two men have in common other than both being members of "America's most exclusive club" (the U.S. Senate)?

Well they are both supported by the Hungarian-born, U.S.-naturalized, multi-billionaire George Soros.

And when I say supported, I don't mean the guy just wrote pro-forma checks, called a few of his well-heeled buddies, and then hosted the expected fundraiser at his plush estate.

Nope, based on prior political drubbings of Soros by George Bush senior and junior, Mr. Soros rethought the entire notion of picking just one side and decided to wage an all-out war to make America adopt his views.

In this election he is backing both sides with his fortunes and the lessons that he learned from the two prior stinging defeats.

In spite of his do-gooder image, Soros' wealth is alleged to be the result of massive currency manipulations including: the Thai "baht," the Malaysian "ringgit," and the Italian "lira." Such shenanigans hurt the poor in those nations more than anyone else.

Mr. Soros survived the Nazi pogroms against fellow Jews during World War II. He now accuses the United States of being "worse than Hitler's Germany," the "main stumbling block to world peace" and requiring a "certain Nazification."

The guy is nuts. The problem is he has the bucks to hire an army of political lackeys to effectuate his views.

During his tenure in the Senate, Mr. McCain repeatedly rebuffed his party and its basic views and called it "courage" or "reaching across the aisle."

As most active members of the Republican Party, I was not surprised when John McCain faded from the primary field early. He was out of money. Most of his staff had been laid off, quit, or had been fired.

His fate was absolutely consistent with that of any candidate who had abandoned his base. Politics is a team sport and Mr. McCain preferred the other team and their views to those of fellow Republicans. Why should they stick by him?

The mystery was, with no base, what sustained him? Now we know: George Soros.

It has been so, according to World Net Daily, since 2001. Soros funded McCain's "Reform Institute" along with cash from Teresa Heinz Kerry's "Tides Foundation."

"He who pays the piper calls the tune." And the Soros tune, carried by Sen. McCain was the McCain-Feingold Act that squeezed political parties and robbed free Americans of one of their "inalienable rights" -- that of free speech.

There was a method to McCain's madness on behalf of Soros. That act permitted the creation of new political vehicles outside the control of parties and candidates. Each newly created entity became another outlet for Soros' untold billions.

Entanglement among McCain's top people such as Juan Hernandez, Rick Davis, Carla Eudy, Trevor Potter and Crystal Benton and various Soros-funded organizations remain intact assuring that Soros will be the puppeteer in any McCain presidency. (Google up: "John McCain: George Soros' Useful Idiot" for fuller discussion of McCain's political debt to Soros.)

However, the efforts of Mr. Soros to sustain Mr. McCain pale compared to his exertions on behalf of America's far left and Sen. Obama.

Not only has Soros and his fellow lefties fully funded the bombastic leftist operation, but also Barack Obama's base organization, the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) and many others that a quick search of the Internet will disclose.

Called "the shock troops of the left," ACORN operatives all across the nation, including here in San Diego, proved their worth by deflating Hillary Clinton's top-down organization by being better organized from the ground up.

So, whether it's financing ACORN, or, or the Open Society Institute, or contributing to the ACLU to undertake an attack on Christian institutions throughout the Midwest, George Soros has essentially created what David Horowitz calls the "Shadow Party" and "privatized the Democratic Party" under his personal control.

It will be difficult for John McCain, with his weak party base to beat Mr. Obama. But whether he does or not will not matter to President Soros.

Stirling, a former US Army officer, has been elected to the San Diego City Council, State Assembly and State Senate. He also served as a municipal and superior court judge in San Diego. Send comments to Comments may be published as Letters to the Editor.

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