Without discipline, our life is in disarray

Between recent speaking events in Delaware and Maryland, I took some time to stop by the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis. The town of Annapolis, on Chesapeake Bay, is a quaint and beautiful community.

It is not only the State Capitol of Maryland, but also the home of the Naval Academy. Established in 1845, this is the second oldest military academy in the United States, only second after West Point.

I've known a number of people who attended Annapolis and established themselves with enviable records in the military.

One thing I learned from the graduates of Annapolis, as I'm sure is the case at other military academies, is that at Annapolis they teach discipline. Because, without discipline, you cannot have a military force and you cannot have order.

The same thing applies in our own personal lives. If we don't have discipline, then our life is in disarray.

So, this message is about establishing some discipline in various areas of our lives.

If you don't have enough discipline when it comes to money, something simple that you can do is lower your standard of living a little bit, save that money, and pay off some debts. Also, pay in cash. That establishes some discipline when it comes to money.

Concerning your health, I know that the cadets at Annapolis keep in great shape because they exercise regularly. I don't like exercising any more than you do, but having had a heart condition in the past I realize that it's important.

So, whether I like it or not, I do a treadmill two or three times a week for 30 minutes to keep in shape. That is my form of discipline when it comes to exercise.

If it's discipline in your relationship that you need to improve, take the time to go out and spend special time on a regular basis with someone special in your life. Whether it's Date Night or whatever you may choose to do regularly, establish some discipline and make that relationship important to you.

If it's a career discipline you need to improve, then look at what you're doing in your life and look for ways to improve wherever you are or look for other ways to establish a new career.

I believe that you're now establishing some very important discipline in your life because you are special, you are unique, you are destined for greatness. I see it in you -- you are a champion!

Have a powerful day!

A discipline affirmation

I have established some wonderful disciplines in my life.

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