What's your definiteness of purpose?

After doing a seminar in the Washington, D.C., area recently, I drove by the Washington Monument. What an amazing monument to an amazing man -- George Washington, the father of the United States of America.

The monument is 555 feet tall and 55 feet across at the base. It was built between the years 1848 and 1884. The builders kept running out of money and there was the matter of the Civil War during that time. It cost a total of $1,817,000.

The Washington Monument stands for someone who was truly incredible -- the first president of the United States of America. He was the commander in chief of the armed forces during the Revolutionary War with England.

Can you imagine trying to pull together a group of farmers and volunteers who don't necessarily want to be there? And you don't have enough money. You don't have the armaments you need. You don't have the proper clothing or food to keep this army together. And yet they win the Revolutionary War.

What about the time Washington spent the winter in Valley Forge? Many of his men were freezing and didn't have food. But Washington had something that Napoleon Hill talks about in the book, "Think and Grow Rich" -- definiteness of purpose.

George Washington had definiteness of purpose. His purpose was to create a new country -- to win the Revolutionary War and create the United States of America.

And that definiteness of purpose helped Washington to move through, get over any obstacles, and his team won against the military might of Great Britain.

So, my question to you and me is: What can we have more definiteness of purpose about in our lives? Is it about our relationships, about our finances, about our career?

What can we do this week to focus more on our most important definite purpose?

Perhaps it's time to stake an emotional monument to something important and take action to achieve it.

You are special. You are unique. You are destined for greatness. I see it in you. You are a champion. Have a powerful day.

A definiteness affirmation

I have identified my most important definite purpose and I'm taking steps toward it today.

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