Focusing on the positive

Ever since my family immigrated to the United States from Israel in 1956, I have felt a great sense of patriotism for the country.

Whenever I visit Washington, D.C., I am always moved by the history and symbolism of the nation's capitol. That was the case on a recent visit to the area as I conducted a number of seminars.

The Capitol Building is one of those historical sites that is grand and enduring. Situated on a slight elevation, the Capitol Building is one mile away from the Washington Monument and 2.2 miles from the Lincoln Memorial.

The significance of the Capitol Building is that in 1791 the United States had no capitol. At that time, Congress met in eight different cities throughout the Northeast.

It was decided that there should be a 10-mile square area, either out of Virginia or out of Maryland, which would end up being the Capitol of the United States of America.

The portion that was chosen was the 10-mile square area in Maryland and the Capitol Building was begun. It was built and then it was burned down. It was then re-built and enlarged.

The message from the U.S. Capitol Building, for you and me, is that on one side is the Senate and on the other side is the House of Representatives. It's just like our minds. There are two portions to our minds -- the positive and the negative.

And, if we don't watch the balance between the two, the negative side will naturally have more power. Because, for whatever reason, it's easier to be negative.

All of us, including me, have to work at balancing just like the Congress has to balance power in the nation's Capitol. We have to balance between the negative and the positive sides of our minds.

It doesn't mean we disregard whatever is not going well in our lives. It's just a matter of re-focusing toward the positive.

So, if you look at something that didn't work out right in your life, how about using a line that says, "That may be so, but here is what I can do about it."

What I'm saying is, let's work with a positive affirmation every day so that we can balance and move toward the positive more than we do toward the negative. Just like balancing the house of power in Washington.

Focusing on the positive. Now that is a capitol idea!

A balance affirmation

I balance my mind and I focus on the positive.

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