Your declaration of no worry

While on a recent trip to Washington, D.C., where I did a series of seminars, I visited the Jefferson Memorial.

This amazing memorial is in honor of an amazing man who was instrumental in the birth of the United States of America.

Thomas Jefferson was well known for the Louisiana Purchase in 1803. He also sponsored the Lewis and Clark Expedition that found the Northwest Passage. He did some amazing things.

The reason I want to talk about Thomas Jefferson is the fact that he authored The Declaration of Independence. I think we each need to author our own Declaration of Independence.

Some of us, during these trying times, whether it be financial challenges or maybe there are health challenges, have become prone to worry -- a little too much worry.

My feeling is that stress is the No. 1 killer in this country. If we can get control of worry, I think that might help us a lot to be able to open our eyes to opportunities and to improve our situation.

Dale Carnegie wrote a wonderful book called "How to Stop Worrying and Start Living." In it he said that we must live in day-tight compartments.

Consider as if you were living in a room with a door behind you and one in front of you. The door behind you is to yesterday and it is locked permanently. The door ahead of you is to tomorrow and it does not open up until midnight tonight.

So, all we've got is today -- this very room. And, if you're worried about something, then write down what is the worst that could happen. Just write down what is the worst that could happen.

Then write down what you would do to improve on that if it did happen. Then you'll realize that you've got a solution. Carnegie said that, by just writing it down and looking at it, that will help you to relax.

Again, he said to live in day-tight compartments. The question is: "What can I do about it today?"

May I suggest that you now use Carnegie's idea and declare your own independence from worry. I believe that the following affirmation, stated out loud the first thing every morning and the last thing each night, for at least 30 days, will help.

If you were totally confident about your life and your future, would you worry about anything?

A stress-reducing affirmation

I am very confident about my life and my future.

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