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The New Year brings thoughts of new possibilities, new beginnings, new opportunities. Optimism is high and goals are set.

I believe 2013 is the year we can finally shake the dust from our feet and begin to move forward into prosperous times. The economic trends are showing favorable signs as unemployment is down, consumer confidence is up and, most importantly, the election is behind us.

I say, bring on the prosperity!

This is also the year that CREW is celebrating a milestone -- our 30th anniversary. Throughout the years, the mission of CREW San Diego has been to promote, educate and support a network of professionals in the field of commercial real estate. We accomplish these goals in a myriad of ways.

Promote: locally and nationally CREW focuses on advancing women in real estate. Our formal mentorship, sponsorship and leadership programs teach women how to advance and obtain the right tools to be successful. CREW isn’t just for women, however. Men are also invited to join and participate, and they do.

Educate: CREW programs focused on cutting-edge topics that address trends and challenges our members and local leaders are faced with on a daily basis. Our March education program will have an esteemed panel discussing the challenges that efficiencies in the workplace bring to our limited resource of land. (Spoiler alert -- ever notice how you can never find a parking spot when you go to work? Why is that, why is it getting worse and what are the solutions?)

Our national organization -- CREW Network -- is also a valuable tool for our members; 85 percent of the research regarding women in commercial real estate is conducted by CREW Network. The whitepapers distributed by the network are impactful and enlighten readers as to where our industry is going and how to navigate through ever-changing waters.

Support: We are 8,500 members strong nationally. CREW is a network of commercial real estate professionals who understand that it is necessary to support your peers and create long-standing relationships that will benefit members both personally and professionally. As more women enter into the commercial real estate field, CREW is their compass to a fulfilling career.

As CREW San Diego celebrates our 30th anniversary, we will strive to better the organization for our members and ourselves. We invite you to come to our events, as they provide not only knowledge, but also the opportunity to develop wonderful relationships that you will carry with you for years to come.

I feel honored to be a member of an organization of successful, motivated, amazing, diverse people who inspire me every day. I look forward to a year filled with new ideas, creative thinking and a network of people determined to see our industry grow and flourish to become better and stronger than before.

Hill is the president of CREW San Diego and vice president of Cassidy Turley.

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