The people’s coup

The people of Egypt have said their word. They have lined their future and nothing could stop them, they made a choice and are more than willing to pay the price of their freedom. They said no to radicalism and disguised terrorism, as the whole world watched, and remained mute.

So Egyptians walked out in their millions, they walked out against a year of misery the likes of which Egypt had not witnessed in all of its ancient or modern history

Exactly a year earlier, on June 30, 2012, the first democratically elected president had been chosen, Mohamed Morsi. A turning point in the modern history of Egypt that some received with immense hope while others received with great apprehension, Morsi, after all, had a long history as a devout member and a leader of the Moslem Brotherhood, a secret society for over 80 years of plotting, conspiracies, violence and blood, in Egypt, and in many other Arab and Muslim Countries.

But still, in the first free democratic presidential elections after the fall of Hosni Mubarak, Mohamed Morsi narrowly won, a very doubtful and controversial 51 percent of the votes, against his pro-Mubarak opponent’s exact share of 49 percent. Many Egyptians refused to vote for either candidate, for either’s notorious background, yet when all the signs pointed to a win by the old regime of a pro-Mubarak candidate, and under the nose of the interim governing Supreme Council of Armed Forces (SCAF), there was the last minute surprise Morsi-Muslim Brotherhood win. It is rumored and still believed till now that the Moslem Brotherhood threatened to burn Egypt down if they lose and that SCAF rigged the election results for fear of that. Egyptians stood hopeful and tried to overlook the fact that the president belongs to an organization that promotes terror openly, that is holy blessed by Al Qaeda’s leader Ayman Al Zawahry himself, and that even the Iranian Ayatollah, the Iranian God Father, gave a speech describing Egypt under the Brotherhood’s rule as “The New Iran.”

So Egyptians walked out in their millions, they walked out against a government that never kept its support of terror and terrorism a secret, shamelessly, whether inside Egypt or Internationally.

For it was among Mohamed Morsi’s early requests of the U.S. government was the release of Omar Abdel Rahman, the infamous blind terrorist who master minded the world trade centre bombings of February 1993, and also known to be the head of Gama’a Islamiya, the Egyptian terrorist group, responsible for many horrific atrocities in Egypt, including the November 1997 Luxor massacre where 58 foreign tourists were killed and mutilated. Locally though, and to the shock and dismay of Egyptians, he released over 2,000 criminals already convicted in terrorist crimes (some facing the death penalty), and even allowed members of Jihadist groups, Egyptians and foreign, to flock back to Egypt.

And on Aug. 5, 2012, 16 soldiers were shot to death on the borders with Gaza, a brutal massacre that took place during the Holy Month of Ramadan as they were breaking fast. This accident would be one of many to be conducted on the borders with the Gaza Strip. The massacre left the army in fury, and it immediately launched a military operation to destroy the numerous tunnels that have been illegally dug from Gaza into Sinai, but lo and behold, Mohamed Morsi personally intervened (on behalf of the fellow Muslim Brotherhood of Hamas) and stopped the operation in its tracks, stopped the destruction of the tunnels, and gave a public speech that he would personally conduct investigations to reach the identity of the criminals, which he never did, as it turned out that one of them is a convicted terrorist who had been released through Morsi’s Presidential pardon.

Then on Oct. 6, 2012, when Egypt annually celebrates a National Victory Day, the date of the last confrontation with Israel in 1973, masterminded by the late Egyptian President Anwar Sadat, and with teary eyes, a shocked nation watched Morsi celebrate this day of honor with his special guest of “honor,” the infamous Aboud Al Zomor, one of the assassins who shot President Sadat to death on the same day in 1981.

So Egyptians walked out in their millions, they walked out against a governing entity set out to control all aspects of life in the country, with the sole purpose of extending their power from the formidable Middle Eastern core, Egypt, to all over the their planned targeted Arab, Muslim, and world domination.

The incompetence of Mohamed Morsi and his Brotherhood in steering state affairs had become as obvious as daylight as time passed by. He systematically changed and removed all heads, subheads, key figures and influential staff members of almost all state and civil ministries, organizations, and civil bodies, replacing them with members, followers and sympathizers of the Muslim Brotherhood who, mostly unqualified or fit for the job, caused only catastrophic problems and stirred national public anger. He appointed a governor of Luxor (where one-third of the world heritage exists; the pharaohs’ temples, treasures and artifacts), a member of, again, Gama’a Islamiya, the same terrorist group, with the blood of the Luxor massacre of 58 tourists on its hands. Deterioration befell the nation on every level, the increase of poverty became a time bomb. The Egyptian economy and stock market collapsed as never before. This in turn led to an unprecedented increase in crime rates and an unfamiliar state of absolute chaos. Morsi deliberately acted with great carelessness toward tourism, so it was only normal that historical sites became filled with thugs who terrorized and scared off tourists. And with the decay of tourism, the backbone of Egyptian economy, companies were closing up in their hundreds, so in his infinite wisdom, he tried to make up for the nose diving economy by indirectly introducing the idea of renting the Suez Canal to the state of Qatar for a 99 year lease, or, on another occasion, the idea was introduced to rent Egyptian antiquity; The Pyramids and the temples. Only the Muslim Brotherhood would contemplate a horrendous unthinkable idea of renting such a world heritage to the highest bidder.

Gas problem in Egypt escalated, Egyptians queued for hours at gas stations. Egyptians for the first time stayed in darkness and heat as electricity went out on neighborhoods for hours every single day. The president, as well as dominant figures in his organization, boldly gave speeches that it is the national duty to share fuel with his fellow Brotherhood in Gaza, as it turned out he was paying off an old debt to Hamas who helped him escape jail on the night of Jan. 28, 2011, when Mubarak’s regime was days from coming to an end.

So Egyptians walked out in their millions, they walked out against the Brotherhood of Darkness, the darkness that was set out to kill and extinguish any hope of democracy, and foundations of a free civil society.

Mohamed Morsi further dug his grave when he tailored a constitution of his own, on his own. Egyptians witnessed the constitution committee members resign one after the other, from a dummy body of legislators, yet he proceeded with his constitution. A constitution that gave no freedom to minorities, women, and more dangerously that gave him only, as the president, to decide where the borders of Egypt end and start, paving the way for him to give away land on the Gaza borders to Hamas militants, and on the Sudanese and Libyan borders to the extremist governing Muslim brotherhood there.

A self-proclaimed protector of freedom of speech in Egypt, his actions, as had become accustomed, never matched his words. The number of lawsuits the Egyptian presidency filed against journalists and anyone who dared to publicly oppose the Muslim Brotherhood, in one year, had exceeded the number of cases conducted by Mubarak in 30 years, not to mention the blasphemy cases, the hate preachers on religious channels, the public sermons inciting hate, the increase in violence against women, and the ever constant exponential rise in attacks against the Christian minority (nearer to 20 million minority), whether these attacks are physical; killing and kidnapping, or against the churches; burning and demolishing, or public and media stark direct mockery, foul verbal attacks and made up accusations, culminating in the infamous mob attack on the Coptic Orthodox Cathedral on April 7, 2013.

So Egyptians walked out in their millions, they walked out in a manmade coup d’état, a nation made coup d’état, an Egyptian people self conceived and publicly unanimous coup d’état.

Yes it is a coup. A coup led by 33 million Egyptians who went out on the streets of Egypt. One third of the Egyptian population walked out to say “No” to Tyranny. And the Egyptian Armed Forces, that will always remain the jewel on the people’s crown, had a choice between giving in to terror or upholding their oath of honor to protect the Egyptian people, and they chose honor. They chose the people and sided with their future. In Egyptians’ Eyes, their Armed forces are the light that burnt the Muslim Brotherhood forces of darkness and evil. Today Egyptians tell the whole world “check mate.” They might not have much, but they are eternally gifted by a massive 7,000 year civilization backbone, that they will never shame.

So I walked out amongst the millions, I walked out and said “No.”

Touta, independent Egyptologist for over 20 years, is a popular speaker and lecturer at some of Egypt’s universities and international organizations. Touta lives in Egypt and is an advocate of women rights, secularism and civil transitions in evolving democracies.

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Mary 5:33pm August 10, 2013

Morsi will never come back

enass 3:50pm August 10, 2013

all Egyptian against terrorism...we supported our millitary to stop all this problems

esraasakr 1:58pm August 10, 2013

Please this is not a coup it is a revolution that was protected by the army the same as what happened in 25th of janaury 2011 if it wasn't for the army mubark would be staying till now leave egypt to deal with its matters we will handle our problems see urselves

Manal Salem Eid 1:42pm August 10, 2013

Agree with ever single word in this article and more !!!!!But really reading the comments.... frustrated I got tempted to answer American4Demo comment... pls for goodnees sake let me tell u this it is a People coup supported and protected by our blessed honorable Army.... u wanna regard it as a military coup fine a military coup blesseb ..wanted and protected by more than 35 0r 40 million of the people so really why is it bothering u to that extent ???? There is the question... would u be happy to be living in areas of sit-ins surrounding u ????I don't think so.... would to like a gang of phenatics ruling u ??? again I don't think so.... pls back out and stand still and watch us Egyptians write the history as usual ...God bless our Army ...God bless our blessed country ...amen!!!!!!

Nora Demian 7:02pm August 3, 2013

Very well said...hope people all over the world get it...

wael 7:08am August 2, 2013

It was an unforgiven mistake for Egyptians to have elected a member of a religeous sect that has first priorities to the international members of the Muslem Brotherhood all over the world and does not believe in Egypt as a country but a small branch in the Islamic Omma. If this is not checked Egypt will become like Pakistan with rampant fanatical religious mayham and civil disorder.

Mohamed fawzy 3:44pm August 1, 2013

A very good article... There is too much to be said but here is what I believe in: Democracy is not the goal,it is only the means The goal is freedom.

Sam 1:33pm August 1, 2013

Very well written article Dina, looking forward in reading more of your truthful insider news that show the reality and the real clear picture hidden from half the world. Extremely precise as to what an egyptian is living and seeing in Egypt, opposed to a blinding media world exposing the complete opposite.

Maged 8:33am August 1, 2013

The word "coup" is described in the dictionary as "a highly successful, unexpected stroke, act, or move; a clever action or accomplishment". A coup does not have to be a military coup, hence the authour's brilliant use of the word "people's coup". As the authour eloquently points out, the army had a choice to make: Either protect a fallen regime using violence or peacefully support the people. The army made the right decision and sided with popular demand. History has been made, again, by the Egyptian people. They have demonstrated their culture and civilization in a classy manner and with minimum casualities when compared to other countries. The question that every country faces these days is whether to reconcile and to include extremist groups or not in its social fabric. While these issues may be easier to deal with in some societies, they are more pronounced in Egypt given the size of the population. Very refreshing to read insider views from the authour. Need more articles!

Sherif Hanna 12:01am August 1, 2013

Absolutely agree! One day many countries will realize how Egyptians, and their peaceful demonstrations, have played a pivotal role in irreversibly eradicating the diabolic Muslim Brotherhood plague. This article clearly and rightly ascertains this fact!

Stalin 6:12pm July 31, 2013

That's one amazing article we don't see everyday that describes exactly the situation of our beloved country and, ourselves, the revolutionaries who fought against terrorism. Simply brilliant and amazing. Well done.

Dr Reda Negm 4:29pm July 31, 2013

Dina,Iam proud of you and grateful for all facts mentioned in your article,you as one of the broad minded and well cultured Egyptian proved in a very simple and attractive way that what was happening in Egypt is people's coup not military coup. Thank you for all facts. You have wrote focusing on what was the MB planning not only for Egypt but but for the humanity. You explain the picture better , Dina , this article should be advertised everywhere to show how the Egyptian always against darkness looking for peace and prosperity.

NG 4:19pm July 31, 2013

This is not a militarily coup , this is the will of the Egyptian , welcome back Egypt , my lovely country , Morsy was & still a criminal. Please God help Egypt to pass this situation & terrorism & brotherhood.

Walid El Batouty 3:46pm July 31, 2013

Dina you are the best, thank you for your great effort But let's hope every one read's it & understand it It was not a coup, I was there it was not. All Amircanes need to ask about a man in Raba His name is (Mohsen El Azazi) ?????

Sally Ahmed 3:46pm July 31, 2013

Chapeau Dina, you perfectly summarized the passed year in which we suffered every single moment from the called Moslem brotherhood but at the same time we thank God for uncovering their real face and revealing their intentions so quickly. Hopefully, your article reaches all blinded and closed minded people in Egypt and abroad who still believe it is a military coup.. Right now our beloved country "Egypt" needs all loyal and faithful people who truly love it to work hard to help recovering the economy soon. Thx..

Sherif Hanna 3:30pm July 31, 2013

Absolutely agree! One day many countries will realize how Egyptians, and their peaceful demonstrations, have played a pivotal role in irreversibly eradicating the diabolic Muslim Brotherhood plague. This article clearly and rightly ascertains this fact!

Heba seoudi 3:17pm July 31, 2013

Even that I disagree with you in certain points but the overall of the article, I agree with, well said,

Tamer El Bendary 1:09pm July 31, 2013

I like and agree with every single word you wrote, am sure that the coming days hiding better future for us and our kids, God bless Egypt

Sherien 1:09pm July 31, 2013

Very well written and researched or rather lived. Keep up the good work. A very true voice of what we feel and witness. Brava!

Tessa Easingwood 12:30pm July 31, 2013

Thank you Dina for walking out along with all the other like minded Egyptians! I am proud of you. I am very grateful for your very interesting article. It has definitely given me the insight, we, as the world public do not always get. I am personally horrified to hear of the decay of law and order and mostly the carelessness surrounding the worlds most splendid and irreplaceable antiquities. Furthermore my heart bleeds for the wonderful people I met on so many occasions when visiting Egypt. I will most certainly send this article to as many people as I can reach. The world needs to stand together against the forces of darkness and bring peace and prosperity again to land of Egypt.

maha toleba 12:14pm July 31, 2013

Very proud of our army that didn't lets us down ever ....vive our Egyptian army

Engi Nassar 10:33am July 31, 2013

Thank you for what you wrote. We, the people of Egypt, who marched on June 30th 2013, got our country back after days and nights of misery and pain...after being robbed and cheated by the moslem brotherhood and their ousted president mohamed Morsi...he was never my president...never will be... We will always have our voice heard and our dream fulfilled... We are Egyptians... We never give up.... It was our choice to get rid of Morsi...and he will never come back

gihan 8:59am July 31, 2013

I agree and approuve each word. .it's not a military coup .its Egyptians'will to fight against terrorism. it's a war against terrorists.

Christopher Mountbatten 1:26pm July 30, 2013

And yes there is such a thing as "People's Coup" !!

Alexander Hills 12:40pm July 30, 2013

Finally someone stood up to that diabolic brotherhood! Spread the Word!

Christopher Mountbatten 11:38am July 30, 2013

The Author obviously writes out of conviction that is distinctively derived from the fact that she is Egyptian, so it is a fact that she would and could explain the picture better, than others, in her own words, based on her own life in her own country. Finally a fresh perspective!

Basma Ibrahim 3:02pm July 29, 2013

This person we called our president was a criminal and was not eligible to become the ruler of our honourable nation.

Tia 7:28am July 29, 2013

This is not a militairy coup, this is a war against terrorism.

Rhonda 6:21pm July 26, 2013

WOW! This is the only piece of journalism in the US media I have seen that tells an accurate story with correct details.

American4Demo 10:16am July 25, 2013

Aint no people's coup. stop twisting words to justify military coup.