The Brotherhood of evil

On Jan. 26, 1952, Egyptians watched in horror as the country's capital was set on fire, in what was to become known in history as "The Cairo Fire," or "Black Saturday," marked by the burning and looting of some 750 buildings of the most iconic value in Egyptian heritage, and in the aftermath of prevailing chaos, theft and looting on a large scale occurred.

All fingers pointed at the villainous "Muslim Brotherhood," and to this day it is widely believed that this great act of destruction of a great historic city, with its once grand building, department stores, cafes, restaurants and social clubs, all carries the signature of the Brotherhood. But sadly it has been never proven, and equally sad, it signaled the end of the era of the civil, cosmopolitan, liberal and sophisticated grandeur of this ancient nation.

Sixty-one years later, through Independence, wars, and political and dire economic turmoil, neither the dream of Egyptians for that equally diverse secular and enlightened country had died, nor did the Brotherhood's monstrosity, brutality, extreme doctrines, and ideology had faded.

So that is why, on Aug. 14, 2013, when the police forces, backed by Army personnel, backed by an entire national support, finally moved in to end the despicable, deposed-president's supporters sit-ins and camps, in some of the most strategic areas in the capital. The result would be a repeat of the Cairo Fire, but this time, no proof was needed, or finger pointing; this time, all the country could see the organized destruction, chaos, murders, fires, and killings that the Brotherhood set out to commit. This time it was all broadcasted; this time it was all seen, nothing could be concealed. This time there was no doubt; this time it was "Them."

The word "Peaceful" means an act free from disturbance; tranquil; does not involve war or violence. Not at any given time has this word ever been associated with the Muslim Brotherhood, and this fact is deeply rooted in their history.

The Moslem Brotherhood is an organization that was established in 1928 by Sheikh "Hassan El Banna," an organization based on one basis; a vast empire that would rule the world, using religion as a sacred un-opposed steering force of as many of the under-developed, economically-struggling, educationally-deprived countries they targeted. And with religion as their propaganda machine, they condoned and legalized the use of violence against the countries they had not infiltrated yet, dubbing all of them "Infidels", and if any of their followers had second thoughts, or any of their "controlled" countries wished to wiggle free, then worse violence and brutality would befall them, setting a golden rule: "once you brush off with the Brotherhood, you are scarred for life."

But whatever the Muslim Brotherhood had been planning for the last six decades, nothing could have prepared them for this strong presence of a new "revolutionary spirit" in Egypt, that which was born and rapidly matured during the January 2011 uprising, and the following 15 months of government absence, insecurity and turmoil, through the Brotherhood one-year rule of disastrous consequences, resulting in the June 30, 2013 popular eruption of millions of outraged citizens.

For had they been successful in toppling off the ruling regime during earlier times, from the 1930s all the way through the new millennium, they would have found themselves in control of a mostly obedient nation and its people, whose main majority were used to accepting government decrees and presidential orders as granted facts of life, and they could have, and would have, ruled Egyptians with the strong devious devilish doctrine that they have always adopted.

On the contrary, what they were faced with the moment their candidate was declared presidential winner by less than 15 percnet of the country's population, was a far cry from their ideal expectations, they found themselves faced by lions-unleashed, fierce hot blooded people who know no fear, not anymore, people who stand up and fight and don't retreat, people who blame and claim, people who get together and not disperse, people who learned how to express and communicate their emotions through all sorts of media and technology that for them, until two years ago, was unheard of.

The Muslim Brotherhood's demise couldn't have come any later for them. They belong to old schools that are withering away wherever they still exist in the world, with ideologies that neither fit the times we live in, and more importantly, nor the people of the nation it targets.

All the signs were there, they were losing, un-coping, and they were already dreading every day that brings more woes to their already-embattled corpses.

But all that monumentally changed during the year they disastrously ruled Egypt, with the condemnation exponentially growing strong, with political parties forming and reforming, with people from all backgrounds, and all ages, developing their political savviness and sense of "can-do" attitude.

All that geared up a country for a mature politically developed nation, ready for the time to fight back the dark forces and infamous acts of the Brotherhood.

So when the security forces moved in to undo the terror camps and sit-ins, like a disturbed wasps nest, the Brotherhood followers and supporters dispersed all over the country in a vicious plan to conquer a common enemy; their own country, and their own countrymen, and being united, in hatred, they can let go of all their inner most darkest demons, and aim them in one direction, Egypt.

Like wolves disguised, they cried for international support for their "Peaceful Protests." They called international media into their camps. They preached through loud speakers in English and French. They asked the world to believe they are the victims. They stood on platforms and cried for help, while buried less than 2 feet beneath those same platforms were no less than 38 burned and mutilated bodies of those who opposed their sit-in, or tried to escape their captivities.

Like murderous hoards devoid of their senses, they set about attacking the security forces that offered them safe passage out of their conclaves, they used weapons, modern and primitive, anything that could instil maximum body harm, and death.

Like savages they attacked holy places of faith and religion, burning down churches and mosques, terrorizing peaceful clergy men and women, vandalizing ancient religious relics.

Like senseless crazed creatures they stormed into museums and stole and plundered.

Innocent civilians were subject to torture of all forms, beaten close to death in tents, and cornered in their homes, and singled out on the streets.

They involved children from orphanages, made them walk in protests carrying their burial shrouds, in a sickening violation of their innocence.

Government building, public works, transport, roads, all targeted, all over the country. An entire nation had to resort to curfew and a nationwide state of emergency to protect its citizens and infrastructure from systematic sabotage.

And the whole world, condemned the action taken against those villains, showed compassion and support toward the Brotherhood, and even some went to the extent of warning and threatening military intervention to resolve the unbalanced scale of confronting powers.

To the dismay of all Egyptians, false facts, on the extreme opposite of the truth, were published and broadcasted on world media, still, and ongoing, with a mysterious un answered questions of "Why"?

Why the support for an infamous group of terrorists?

Why the falsification of facts of what really happened on the ground in Egypt?

Why belittle the acts of heroism of a united nation of civilians, civil servants, and service men?

Why does an entire nation believe in its right to fight back and emerge victorious, and the free world is helping to suppress that?

Those are the questions that go through the minds of millions of Egyptians.

But if un answered, they remain unfazed, committed to their dream, the same dream they once had and now recurring; for them to finally regain their country, and build it on their own, in their own way, the Egyptian way.

Today, and after many decades, the descendants of this evil organization have not changed, but it is the world's view of the word "Peaceful" that has changed.

"But the Day will come when many nations of this world, will come to realize how the events that took place in Egypt; the 2013 revolt, ultimately and irreversibly lead to the downfall of the Muslim Brotherhood in all of the countries they aspired to rule, and to their ultimate demise, and that has saved many lives, more than we will ever know."

Touta, independent Egyptologist for over 20 years, is a popular speaker and lecturer at some of Egypt’s universities and international organizations. Touta lives in Egypt and is an advocate of women rights, secularism and civil transitions in evolving democracies.

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Sawsan Armanious 5:26pm September 15, 2013

Excellent written article.....thank you Dina for speaking on our behalf....we should all be happy to have people like Dina who can raise their voice defending our beloved Egypt and show the world who are these hooligans... Keep it up Dina.....Egypt will always be victorious and free because of people like Dina....hats off to you my dear Dina

Melody H. Shepherd 6:57pm September 2, 2013

This is my second attempt to leave a comment. I have never posted one previously, so I apologise in advance. My husband and I met Ms. Touta in April 2012 while we were on a cruise to the Middle East. She was our guide not only while we were in Luxor ( The Valley of the Kings) as well as in Cairo. She is intelligent, articulate and a proud citizen and native of Egypt. If she speaks...we all should listen. Her Only agenda is to preserve the historic sites of Egypt and freedom of truth for her fellow man. The "Brotherhood" are terriorists and do not have a peaceful bone in their bodies. Please keep us informed and post her updates.

Yasser Aboul Amayem 3:13am August 22, 2013

A very enlighting article with a professional straight to the point yet amusing way of writing. Optimistique and does give a chance to stop till the end line

fiby Youssif 2:21am August 22, 2013

Couldn't agree more...The Muslim brotherhood is the brotherhood of evil

aki allam 2:04am August 22, 2013

excellent view, so true . I live in Cairo and every word above is so right... keep up the good work

Doaa 11:44am August 21, 2013

Very good article, proud to have someone who can talk on our behalf.keep it up

Sherif Hanna 10:59am August 21, 2013

The leaders and politicians of the so called "Free World" should let the truth of the atrocities of the Brotherhood be known and not covered up, and distorted in front of the people of their countries. Just and true facts as stated by the author in her article reflects the unanimous feelings of Egyptians. We have seen the Brotherhood atrocities, and how an entire nation has been made to pay dearly in innocent lives of civilians and service men because of the rampage of murder, terror , and destruction. But the more vile crime that is ongoing, is the support of the brotherhood, offered by many countries in the west, and the distorted media coverage that has so far drawn a false depiction of the real truth So the message is clear, for all those meddling in Egypt's affairs, "Do not interfere!!"

el tiby hesham 7:57am August 21, 2013

thanks for the clarifying article. please allow me to add a small detail,if i may. you are right on everything except that "a brother" doesn't take his/her country or countrymen as enemies, in fact for a brothers member, the brotherhood itself is their country and the rest of the companions are his/her countrymen. the reason why, burning the land they are living on really means nothing to them. on my behalf, as one of many who voted for ex president Morsi on the presidential second tour elections, i find myself obliged to present my excuses to egyptians for an undeniable committed fault of mine.

nermine refki 7:33am August 21, 2013

very well written

Heba 5:09am August 21, 2013

this article is providing very important information for the international society of the current situation in Egypt...Moslem brotherhood are terrorists .....armed criminals , who need the military to stop them from harming the peaceful civilians .... The vast majority of Egyptians are really sad from the biased announcements from the US leaders....Egyptians are wondering why they are taking the side of the terrorists ...knowing that they are doing it on purpose. Egyptians are sure the US administration are well informed with the situation in Egypt and are wondering why are they acting like this