By John Patrick Ford

Port district gets aggressive on leases

Dealing with long-time lessees on port land has not been a strong point in the past by the San Diego Unified Port District. Major leaseholds up for recent renewal on Harbor Island and along the Embarcadero are now aggressively negotiated, much to the dismay of long-time tenants in current renewal negotiations.

Recycling war surplus

Awhile back I was discussing college environments and entrance requirements with a student. I tried to describe what UCLA was like in the mid-1940s with the flood of GI Bill students and limited pre-war facilities. When I mentioned Quonset huts, where most of our classes were held, I was met with a blank stare.

Jilted concessionaire claims rights

A current court case caught my attention because it involved one of my favorite places in California -- Yosemite National Park. It also reminded me of the unfortunate demise of Bazaar Del Mundo as the centerpiece of the Old Town State Park a decade ago.

Wall Street gets a warning

The federal Justice Department made an amazing discovery. It declared that banks don't break the laws; bankers do. It's about time the government watchdogs admit that corporate executives create the scams that have hit the financial markets over the last three decades.

Atomic bomb controversy lives on

Every special anniversary of the historic nuclear bombing of Hiroshima on August 6, 1945, brings out criticism of the inhumane action taken to end World War II.

Another end for local publishers

There have been several testimonials already printed about the end of the print edition of The Daily Transcript under the direction of Publisher Bob Loomis and the Revelle family.

Liberty Station ready for more growth

After 11 years developing the historic Naval Training Center in Point Loma, the NTC Foundation has successfully completed its first phase. Now that 16 of the restored buildings in the complex are fully leased, it is time to rehab the remaining 10 buildings to meet the demand for space.

Dining out feeds the new economy

A surge in the restaurant business is boosting the San Diego economy. Anyone who has gone out for dinner in the hot areas of Gaslamp, Little Italy and North Park can see the popularity of eating out — seven nights a week.

Cybertheft is more than stolen identity

“Our research team at UCSD needs a large number of bogus credit cards in order to buy illegal products from international criminals,” was the message that Stefan Savage, Ph.D. shared with a group of Chancellor’s Associates at the Faculty Club in June. That may seem like a strange study program for a group of undergraduates.

The Greeks had a word for it

We have all heard this expression before — the Greeks had a word for it — primarily because Greek was the first universal language and became the root of many other languages over the centuries. Now the Greeks need a word to define their economic crisis. Here are a few of my suggestions.

Balance of maritime with tourism a challenge for Port District

A recent news release about the Unified Port District of San Diego’s management of its leases was disturbing.

Is corruption in sports just part of the game?

It’s no surprise to hear of corruption in the sports world. After all, the news stories are full of scandal in politics and the corporate world, wherever money can buy influence. There is a lot of money in sports.

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