By John Patrick Ford

What’s new in Mission Beach

It began before Memorial Day. Heavy weekend traffic in Mission Beach drawn to the new concessions at Belmont Park predicted a busy summer at the shoreline.

Too many fouls in stadium playoff

While San Diego is pondering whether to build a football stadium to keep the Chargers in town, Japan is also facing challenges for a new stadium for the 2020 Olympics. The cost seems to be in the same ballpark, at $1.4 billion.

Is a college degree affordable?

The largest for-profit vocational college group shut down last month as a result of investigations for criminal fraud.

San Diego print media to lose hometown flavor

Another hometown paper traditionally family-owned and managed found it necessary to merge with a national group out of Chicago. The new partner for the former U-T San Diego is the Los Angeles Times, also previously a family-owned hometown paper for over a century. Both newspapers are now under the ownership of the Chicago Tribune, another family-owned press of the last century.

Online crowdfunding updates capital markets

A new word and concept came to my attention last year when a group’s fundraising efforts saved San Diego Opera. Now I am aware that crowdfunding has other applications to raise money for a cause or to create a market.

The challenge of managing retirement plans

Pensions and the ability of workers to save enough for retirement are getting some attention from Congress. Currently under debate is a proposal that financial advisers, particularly for pension planning, should be regulated by the federal government.

Sea lions, tourism and PETA’s agenda

The people who want to shut down Sea World because of its use of orca whales to entertain the public are at it again. The latest target is the sea lion population that has adopted La Jolla Cove as a dormitory. Residents have complained about the stench and taken legal action.

Stadium options narrow down

Will the Bolts bolt to L.A.? It’s a possibility.

New corporate and nonprofit leadership requires vision

San Diego’s cultural world has experienced several major transitions in leadership. Two prominent music groups recently recruited new CEOs to lead their company’s future operations.

Stadium debate back on the table

The debate over a new stadium is heating up again, ignited by Mayor Kevin Faulconer’s State of the City speech. Neither side of the issue was pleased.

How far will OPEC go?

If you are a business-news junkie like me, you could hardly miss the trends of the past two months that presumably predict the 2015 economy. Before the holiday season and on into January, retailing was a priority fiscal indicator. Now we have oil production as a runner-up for the most crucial headline of the day.

Let the cyberwar begin

The eccentric figurehead leader of North Korea is at it again. Not content to rattle his neighbors by firing missiles over the Sea of Japan or secretly testing nuclear devices, Kim Jong Un has shown his ability to hack into any digital system. Is this the start of a cyberwar?

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