On Technology

By Phil Baker

Products for good listening

There's been an explosion of speaker systems that turn an iPod into a personal-sized home stereo. All are about the size of a shoebox with a dock for an iPod, and are available from many well-known speaker companies such asJVC, Altec-Lansing, Klipsch, and Bose. They're ideal for a bedroom, den or dorm room and range in price from $150 to $400.

Apples and Lemons?

When I reviewed Microsoft's Windows Vista earlier this year, I recommended waiting a few months before moving to it. Nine months later, it's difficult to find much to praise about Vista's performance, and, contrary to expectations, Microsoft has not yet released a significant upgrade to fix its problems.

Accessory roundup: speakerphones, cases, more

Here's a roundup of some innovative new products, including Bluetooth devices, well-designed cases for the iPhone and a variety of other tools.

The iPhone vs. the Treo

If you're a Treo user should you switch to an iPhone? Or if you're considering a new smartphone, how do these popular models compare?

What's behind Google's search engine

Google has come to dominate the search business. Millions of people use it dozens of times a day, attracting a huge amount of attention, money and technology from companies scrambling to appear near the top of the search rankings. Landing on the front page can be as good as gold; a company's revenue can skyrocket. To take advantage of this, more companies are moving advertising from broadcast and print to the Internet.

Travel assistance on your Smartphone

I've been testing two new applications for smartphones designed to assist frequent travelers while on the road. WorldMate Professional from MobiMate ( and Pocket Express Travel Edition from Handmark( each provide a set of utilities that enables you to check schedules and flight status as well as perform a variety of other travel-related tasks.

Lenovo T61 ThinkPad: The ultimate notebook?

When Lenovo bought IBM's computer division, there was concern that its Thinkpads might lose their edge for performance and reliability. Never the lowest cost choice, they were nevertheless standard issue in many companies for their dependability and good technical support.

Syncing your smartphone with your computer: what you need to know before you buy

Sync software is becoming more important as we use multiple devices such as computers, smartphones and Web sites to maintain our calendar and contacts.

Manage your information visually

The computer is a wondrous invention, but sometimes it forces us to do things the way its programmed to, rather than in a way that's more natural to us.

Don't overlook the BlackBerry in mobile market frenzy

With all the attention being paid to Apple's iPhone, it's easy to overlook other new mobile phones. One company, Research In Motion, has been on a tear, introducing numerous new BlackBerrys during the past few months. The phones are some of RIM's best new products ever. They're slimmer, have gorgeous high-resolution screens, excellent keyboards, memory-card slots and use the new trackball, a feature first seen on the Pearl. Each of these new models is available for about $200, with a new two-year contract.

The technology behind Miniland isn't child's play

Even technology correspondents need a vacation day. Over Fourth of July, I visited Legoland California with my family.

iPhone: The follow up

I bet you thought the iPhone stories were over! Not just yet. As units get into the hands of tens of thousands this week, expect to see a lot more feedback on how the iPhone works now that it's under the scrutiny of the masses.

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