On Technology

By Phil Baker

The blogging revolution

Blogs have become a phenomenon of the Internet age, with millions of people creating their own and millions more reading them.

Lowering the cost of printing

By industry estimates, only a fraction of all digital images we take end up on paper. For the most part they're stored, viewed and exchanged electronically, or just discarded. Most of us are content to view them on our computers, and an increasing percentage of those that are printed are done using photo labs, not our own printers.

Managing your random information

Do you ever have information that you'd like to store on your computer for future use? It could be a shopping list, a random note, passwords, an e-mail or perhaps a Web page.

Gifts for moms, dads and grads

With three gift-giving holidays approaching, Mother's Day, Father's Day and Graduation, here are five widely varying products that make interesting and unique gifts.

A PC in your pocket

This past week I traveled out of town for a few days without lugging a notebook computer for the first time in years. While I normally spend hours each day using my MacBook or my ultra-compact Sony Vaio TX notebook, this time I just took the new OQO model 02 pocket computer ( I thought this would be a good test to see if the tiny product, which I could carry with me everywhere, could satisfy my needs for a PC and what compromises I'd need to make.

Traffic reporting for the digital highway

One of my summer jobs during college was measuring traffic data for the Port Authority of New York. I drove up and down New York City's avenues recording the starts and stops to help its mathematicians better predict traffic flow.

Attracting the business traveler with technology

The travel industry works hard to attract and retain business travelers, who typically spend more money and are more loyal than any other customer group. Airlines, rental-car companies and hotels have been in the forefront of using technology to appeal to this technically savvy group.

Notebook politics

I'm writing this column from a 747 on the way to Shanghai for a business meeting. I've been visiting Asia for more than 20 years, ever since I started developing cameras in Japan for Polaroid and then notebooks in Taiwan for Apple. But the progress occurring in China's technology sector is beyond anything I could have anticipated.

Many ways to avoid getting lost

With so many choices of GPS navigation devices, there's no longer any excuse for getting lost. But with GPS devices available as handheld units, built in to your car or as software for your mobile phone, what's your best choice?

New photo products debut at annual PMA show

The Photo Marketing Association Show, held earlier this month in Las Vegas, is where many of the year's new cameras and imaging products are introduced. This year's event had fewer new products than in the past, mostly tweaks and minor upgrades.

The potential of multimedia

The advances taking place in multimedia and high-speed connectivity really gelled for me while I was on a weeklong business trip to Taipei earlier this month. Throughout the trip, I used a variety of software and services to entertain, educate and stay in touch with back home. It was a far cry from the past -- being bored to death in a hotel room, watching CNN International regurgitate the same stories hourly.

Year of the Smart Phone

With the introduction of more than a dozen new smart phones at last month's 3GSM World Congress in Barcelona and January's announcement of the iPhone, 2007 looks to be the year that the smart phone goes mainstream and sales really take off. Gartner Group, a marketing research firm, projects sales to grow 70 percent from 74 million in 2006 to 122 million units worldwide. IDC, another research firm, said 24 million units were shipped in the fourth quarter 2006 alone.

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