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By Phil Baker

Notaries sign on to digital signatures

Using electronic signatures to sign documents has the potential to change the way business has been conducted for decades.

Safe surfing

If you're like me, you'd rather not have something new to worry about. But as much as we'd like to avoid thinking about computer security issues, they are real and they are becoming more serious.

Buy now, don't wait

Conventional wisdom says wait for the next generation of new technology products rather than buying now.

A great concept, Human Transporter not yet a success

In my Jan. 6 Daily Transcript column I wrote, "Based on my experience in bringing dozens of products to market, the invention is less than 10 percent of the total contribution to a product's success. Every successful product needs to start with a good concept, but a good concept alone is a long way from success. Like a good recipe, it needs a lot of ingredients combined together in just the right way. Leave out any key ingredient and you have failure."

Ballpark technology

The poured concrete forms and steel structures growing out of the ground at the end of 10th Avenue are morphing into one of the country's finest baseball stadiums. Situated in a perfect location in a perfect city, it is destined to be a spectacular baseball venue. Technology is being utilized throughout the park to make the experience even more enjoyable.

Made in the USA?

As President Bush gave a speech last month on the shipping docks of a U.S. manufacturing firm, championing U.S. labor, he was surrounded by a backdrop of boxes, whose labels boldly stated "Made In USA." However, on closer examination, the labels were actually covering print on the boxes reading "Made In China."

Electronics show a collection of latest gadgets

Imagine this scene. You're 12 years old and you're let loose in a Toys R Us store for two days. That's the feeling I always get when attending the annual Consumers Electronic Show, or CES, held in Las Vegas each January. It's a 2-million-square-foot collection of all the latest video, audio, computer and wireless gadgets for home and car under one roof, manufactured by companies large and small from around the world.

So you think you have good idea for a product ...?

Did you ever see a new product and say, "Why didn't I think of that?" or "I had that idea years ago, if only..." Well, I have news for you. It's not that simple to take a product idea and make it successful. Take some comfort that your unfulfilled ideas would probably not have made you a millionaire.

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