Making Sense Of It

By Larry Stirling

Requiem for a heavyweight

Rod Serling, Army veteran of numerous pitched battles during WW II in the South Pacific, earned his overdue recognition as a thoughtful writer with the timeless drama of an aging heavyweight fighter facing the end of his career.

The 911 emergency system began in San Diego

The very first 911 system got its start in front of the Old Bonita Store

California highways are one big speed trap

On a recent morning, I was tasked by wife Linda to deliver a load of flower arrangements she had spent hours preparing to a fellow Rotarian in La Jolla.

The disaster that is Old Town

The merchants of Old Town, especially along San Diego Avenue, are making a killing.

Outrage over increased water rates

“Dr. King, what is our water situation?” I asked our water department director in 1977.

Time to revisit the Protestant Reformation

During March of 2013, a Roman Catholic papal conclave was convened in the luxuriously appointed Vatican to consider the replacement for Pope Benedict XVI, who unexpectedly resigned well before his death.

Who are the actual 'troglodytes,' governor?

At a recent speech in Canada, Jerry Brown went behind our collective backs and referred to millions of us fellow Californians as "troglodytes."

The good news is that all we will have in the future is sewage

The San Diego City Council recently decided, once again, to spend billions to reclaim sewage and then reinsert the resulting product into San Vicente Reservoir, where it will re-enter our (drinking) water supply.

Just what is ‘torture’?

Now that our U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein has roundly condemned torture, it might be a good idea to learn what she is talking about.

The truth about Thanksgiving

Nations survive by nurturing positive myths about themselves. There is nothing wrong with that when one considers the alternative, which is chaos.

Rivers of blood: Africa

Blood, blood, rivers of blood, lakes of blood, oceans of blood: Africa

Desmond Tutu: ‘They are lickspittle’

During a recent trip to southern Africa, Linda and I read the above headline in the “Cape Times,” the dominant daily newspaper in lovely Cape Town, South Africa.

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