Making Sense Of It

By Larry Stirling

It's all Mom's fault, honest

I was just sitting there at the kitchen table late one afternoon, studying for the spelling test Mrs. Keck was going to give us at Sturges Junior High School the next day, when she came home obviously agitated about something.

There is nothing adult about 'adult language'

They are clever. I will give them that. The members of the Hollywood establishment are masters of the "prurient interest."

What ever happened to yellow ribbons?

Sadly, our collective memories are short. Just a few months back the liberal majority of the San Diego City Council refused to pass a resolution commending American troops returning from the war in Iraq.

The high-likeability floater

Please allow me to proffer an additional term for your verbal toolbox for analyzing the problems of public administration -- "the high-likeability floater." This phrase accurately describes the character of various public officials elected and otherwise.

What my goddaughter taught me

Kimberly was a tiny infant. I worried how she would survive in a tough world. So, when her dad, Los Angeles Police Detective Jim Troutman, a life-long friend, asked me to be her godfather, I readily accepted.

Coast Guard not equipped to ensure port security

There are a lot of wonderful things about the U.S. Coast Guard, but national harbor security is not one of them.

Coining a term for revolution in health care funding


Far across the Chattahoochee

"Far across the Chattahoochee, along the Upatoi, stands our loyal alma mater, Benning School for Boys."

Oh say can you ICC?

Our hometown heroes, Sempra Utilities, have moved to eject California Public Utilities Commissioner Loretta Lynch from the ongoing investigation of gas-price manipulations during the energy crisis.

State budget reforms are dead on arrival

Our state's supposedly nonpartisan legislative analyst announced last week that the projected deficit in next year's budget is already 7 billion dollars.

Garrett Hardin, R.I.P

Since the last time I was privileged to have a column in this space, the great American philosopher, Garrett Hardin, died.

Frank Brown was right

Frank Brown is a distinguished San Diego superior court judge. Prior to that, he was a prosecuting deputy district attorney. And prior to that, as was his equally famous father A.D. Brown, Frank Brown was a San Diego police officer.

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