Making Sense Of It

By Larry Stirling

Sausages and laws

For eight fulfilling years, I was privileged to serve the people of San Diego as an elected member of the State Assembly.

Star Chamber proceedings

"You are advised as follows ..."

Wobblers and waste

Both the San Diego City Council and the board of supervisors are attempting to balance their budgets.

Who gives a hoot?

The durn railroads do, that's who.

Too much democracy

To find the roots of the present budget disaster in California, and most other states throughout the nation, one need look no further than the extremely foolish decision made by the United States Supreme Court in Baker v. Carr (1962).

'Consistency is the hobgoblin of small minds'

In the world of professional politics, the above quotation is the standard reply when one is questioned about any public inconsistency with a prior political position.

The return of the 'spoons'

"Crime is like the weather. Everyone talks about it, but no one can do anything about it." -- Will Rogers

How to 'Wave' goodbye to 5 million tax dollars

Verisimilitude n.: The quality or state of appearing to be true.

Dropping the deadwood from California public policy

During a previous economic slowdown, I asked a distinguished local businessman what he thought the appropriate policy was to deal with the economy. His response was "I don't know about the government, but I use these times as an opportunity to get rid of our deadwood."

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Larry Stirling

Larry Stirling graduated from San Diego State University in 1964. He then enlisted in the United States Army, was commissioned, and served 20 years as an infantry officer; four on active duty and 16 years ...

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