Notes From The Corporate Underground

By Stan Sewitch

OK, bye

Writing a column about my last column in this newspaper is a bit presumptuous. I’m not a known writer beyond the relatively small pond of San Diego’s business community, and the San Diego Daily Transcript is not the Financial Times or Wall Street Journal.

The secret language of finance

The old saying is that knowledge is power. And it is, of course. Sharing it is also power, but only for those people who know how to create value rather than just have the private knowledge of it. For those people whose skill is not in value creation, but in value trading, differential knowledge is a source of profit.

Avoiding the perception of hypocrisy

There is no surer way for a leader to lose followers than to be perceived as behaving hypocritically — professing one set of values, morals or ethics, while behaving in contradictory fashion.

The Iran agreement seems a no-brainer

OK, so I haven’t read the full agreement, but I’m having a hard time seeing what we lose by ratifying the treaty negotiated with Iran.

Are we losing journalistic rigor?

Journalism has been a professional field that continually self-examines its motives.

Something gained, something lost

When telephones snapped their tether a couple of decades ago and went wireless, we were able to travel freely around our house or office while conversing. We gained freedom of movement. We also often lost our phones, because we would put them down wherever we were when the call was over, and forgot where that was.

Let them eat cake, again

Jean-Jacques Rousseau wrote the first series of six books forming his autobiography “Confessions” in 1765, published in 1782. In the sixth book, he recounted a time when he was poor and hungry.

How do I earn an A+?

It may sound simple, but it’s not so easy to do: describe expected performance levels to an employee, and even tougher, what the employee can do to earn the highest marks for contributions. At WD-40 Company, we strive to help people get an A for their performance. But first you have to define what that means in observable behaviors.

Let’s blow up HR

This is actually the message on the front page of the latest Harvard Business Review. Front page. Again.

The matter of perspective

A friend of mine recently learned that she had stage 1 breast cancer. Surgery now complete, chemotherapy is next.

First, you learn how to follow

There are so many books, workshops and keynote speakers on the subject of leadership. Most, if not all, focus on what the leader can do to be a better leader. Few talk about how to be a better follower.

Knowing when to shut up

We as leaders (and ostensible developers of leaders) spend a great deal of time (or should) on what we are going to communicate, how we are going to do it, when we’re going to do it, with whom we’re going to do it, etc., etc. Leaders are primarily educators. Education doesn’t happen without communication.

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