Plain Speaking

By Ron Carrico

Should we bear the cross?

When the Mount Soledad cross controversy began so many years ago, it seemed much fanfare over so little. I could not understand how the cross could offend anyone -- especially professed atheists. After all, atheists believe that God does not exist -- so why should they care if someone else believes in some divine being and there is a cross on a hill?

On thin ice, city officials face a spring thaw

It's that time of year -- spring is coming. Time for ice on northern and mountain lakes to begin melting.

In choosing sides, choose the truth

As the pension crisis progresses, it looks like City Attorney Michael Aguirre is about the only person taking it seriously. However, with all the other weird city problems -- agendas, scams, prosecutions and election debacles -- Aguirre's efforts are more likely to be criticized than analyzed.

Ask Merrill-Lynch

With the City Hall uproar about pension losses, officials are dancing around a major result of the pension deficit cover-up: the sale of city bonds to Merrill-Lynch that resulted in the Padres ballpark construction.

What did Mayor Murphy know?

To paraphrase Sen. Howard Baker's question about Richard Nixon during the famous Watergate Hearings: "What did the mayor know, and when did he know it?" The hearings that launched a million lawyers.

The mayor's blue-ribbon mess

Since there is sudden interest in San Diego city finances by the FBI, the SEC and our own city attorney, maybe there will be answers to questions that have bothered me for a couple of years now -- and they have to do with Mayor Dick Murphy's Blue Ribbon Committee on City Finances.

The best holiday

Thanksgiving is the best holiday of the year. It's the only holiday followed by a three-day weekend. There is no mandatory gift giving, no greeting cards, no overt religious overtones, no flag waving patriotism or celebrating the lives of forgotten presidents or explorers. And usually the only trip required is over the river and through the woods to grandma's house. But maybe the main reason it's the best holiday is that it is the one official day of the year to just be thankful we live in the United States of America.

Mayoral election, Round II: The establishment strikes back

The biggest surprise of this election season is the possible election of Donna Frye as a "strong mayor." It is the ultimate irony for the power elite of San Diego politics. They must feel like Darth Vader would if Luke Skywalker were voted captain of the Death Star.

A question of political DNA, faith and Jane Fonda

Less than one week to go until the most important presidential election of our time. Meanwhile, TV news is giving us 10 seconds of candidates actually speaking followed by the latest confusing polling data.

Good signs for San Diego politics

I saw a hand-painted sign in a Mission Hills yard last week that read, "Donna Frye For Mayor." And a few days earlier, I nearly fainted when I read that the San Diego Union-Tribune is endorsing Michael Aguirre for city attorney.

Why Bush will win the debates

Finally the debates between President George Bush and Sen.John Kerry are here. Unfortunately, I am afraid, Kerry supporters will be disappointed in the results. The reason is that Bush speaks our language in a manner that is easy to understand while Kerry is often difficult to follow.

Finally ... world class

The Chargers are in first place. The Padres might make the playoffs. And last week the New York Times recognized San Diego as "Enron by the sea." I guess we can we now officially say, at long last, the city of San Diego is "world class." Kinda brings a tear to your civic eye, doesn't it?

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