Plain Speaking

By Ron Carrico

Clean-up time

Exciting news for San Diego lately. FBI raids on City Council offices. Corruption, bribery, possibly cash in envelopes to public officials, electronic surveillance, Las Vegas strip clubs, the mob connections, nude dancers, Grand Jury... and this is the good news.

Tidal waves

When Mayor Murphy announced his intention to not seek re-election, it was like a tidal wave hitting the political beach of San Diego. There were as many opinions of his reasons as there were potential mayoral candidates ready to announce. I have an opinion as well.

True colors

Sooner or later the truth is revealed. Eventually even the public has enough information to understand and realize the true nature of events and the parties involved. And so it is with the Chargers, Padres, city attorney, city manager and our City Council.

Peace is patriotic

For the first time in my life I put a bumper sticker on a vehicle. It is a bumper sticker made up by a nice lady in Santa Fe, N.M. Is simply says "Peace is Patriotic."

The top of the hill

After a journey up the hill we usually can see where we came from. However, since it is impossible to see the future, we can never be certain about the trip down the hill.

God talking

Christmas -- the time of year Christians celebrate the birth of the "Prince of Peace", born in the land of the Jews' "City of Peace", which is currently an area of the world that is predominately Islamic, the religion proclaimed as the "Religion of Peace". So why can't we all just get along?

Donation party games

By now most of us know that District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis is having a party on Dec. 5 to raise money to pay off the debts of her successful campaign against Paul Pfingst.

Chargers' problem is greed, not need

A few months ago I promised myself it wasn't worth writing about this latest sports swindle. After all the articles I wrote on Chargers and Padres sports scams I realized that the big money interests have so corrupted local politics there is little chance of stopping the city from giving the Chargers a new stadium. However, hearing the Chargers drum beating again is distressing.

Voter turnout turnoff

So are you planning to vote this year? Seems like every year we see fewer people voting in elections at every level. Especially these mid-terms when there is no presidential election.

Annual vintage car races spell family fun

This weekend marks the beginning of Fleet Week in San Diego. This annual event celebrates the history of our town and honors the men and women of the armed services in San Diego past and present.

Regime change

President George W. Bush wants Saddam Hussein removed as the leader of Iraq. We are told that the reasons Hussein must be removed is that he's a brutal and sadistic leader -- one of three countries in the "axis of evil." This regime change is justified as a necessary preemptive action to avoid some future military disaster.

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