By Michelle Malkin

'Peace' activists gone wild

You're walking down the street when you spot an anti-war protester wielding a peace sign on the corner. Quick, what do you do? Duck!

Hezbollah is here

Sheeple thought of the day: "Hezbollah is not my problem."

"The race" schools: Your tax dollars at work

Top White House adviser Karl Rove traveled to Los Angeles this week to pay homage to the anti-immigration enforcement lobbying group for Latinos: the National Council of La Raza.

The newspaper of wreckage

When is a "secret" not a secret?

The Terrorist-Tipping Times

The New York Times (proudly publishing all the secrets unfit to spill since 9/11) and its reckless anonymous sources (come out, come out, you cowards) tipped off terrorists to America's efforts to track their financial activities.

Laura vs. unhinged librarians

First Lady Laura Bush, who served as a public school teacher and librarian in the Houston, Dallas and Austin school systems, is scheduled to speak to the American Library Association's (ALA) annual conference in New Orleans next week.

It's the jihad, stupid

Canadian law enforcement officials should be proud of busting a reputed Islamic terrorist network that may span seven nations. Instead, our northern neighbors are trying their damnedest to whitewash the jihadi ties that bind the accused plotters and their murder-minded peers around the world.

The truth about Haditha

Democrat Rep. John "Cut and Run" Murtha thinks he knows the truth about Haditha -- and he has been blabbing it to every last cable show host that will host him. The loose-lipped former Marine has accused troops of wantonly killing some two-dozen civilians, including children, "in cold blood" in the terrorist stronghold in Iraq last November. There are two ongoing military investigations into the incident itself and the actions of higher-ups in the Haditha aftermath.

Another fake soldier tale debunked

Meet "Jessie MacBeth." He's the latest cause celebre of the anti-war Left -- a "former Army Ranger and Iraq war veteran" who accuses his fellow troops of committing a litany of atrocities against innocent civilians. Anti-Vietnam War veteran John Kerry and the Winter Soldiers cast a long shadow.

9/11, the Pentagon and our borders

Sitting on my home office desk is one of my most treasured possessions. It's a silver medallion inscribed, "United in Memory: September 11, 2001," with a proud American eagle on one side. On the other side, the memento depicts workers at the Pentagon saluting as they unfurl a large U.S. flag from the Pentagon rooftop.

Color-coded cronyism at DHS

Who needs the government to tell us the status of homeland security? If you're not seeing five-alarm red over the perpetual chaos at the Department of Homeland Security, you need to call the eye doctor.

Reconquista is real

There are none so blind as those who will not see. While the mainstream media heaped praise on the "peaceful" May Day protesters and newspapers plastered sympathetic photos of the pro-illegal alien "sea of humanity" all over their front pages, freelance photographers, bloggers and radio interviewers captured a sea of open-borders militancy nationwide.

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