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By Jason Hughes

Does one size fit all in commercial real estate?

Next time I have a commercial real estate need in Italy, I know just whom I'm going to call.

It isn't always 'location, location, location'

In a column some time back, I had occasion to quote a leading national real estate investment specialist as saying: "E-commerce is changing real estate's maxim from 'location, location, location' to 'location, price, service.'"

Our city's growing image problem

Sometimes, we who live and work in San Diego, especially in the metropolitan area, become so entranced by our city's special charm, the weather and so many other amenities we take for granted that we risk becoming insensitive to problems that can begin to work against the singular factor that makes it all happen: economic development.

San Diego region's center is moving south

There's a good chance one day in the distant-but-sure future, we'll come to think of downtown San Diego as part of North County.

Buttons that are designed to work -- but don't

Do elevator "Close Door" buttons actually work? A short opinion piece in Fortune magazine sometime back asked the question rhetorically as a creative way to call attention to the growing impatience we, as a work society, are experiencing. Workers board elevators and want to shut the door immediately, not caring a whit about slower boarders behind them. Urban motorists honk their car horns futilely in traffic jams the same way pedestrians push a button to activate the "Walk" light immediately upon reaching the crosswalk, fully expecting all cars to stop dead in their tracks while they waddle across the thoroughfare.

New Year's resolutions for a better San Diego

With 2007 now here, there's been plenty of new-year prognostications on the future state of the economy, the emerging political landscape nationally and locally, weather patterns, whether Brad and Angelina will, in fact, get married -- and Lord only knows what else.

A look at the office market with me in charge

Most people I know anything about take the occasion this time of the year to look back on what's transpired -- good and bad -- but, more importantly, to look ahead and visualize what would comprise the ideal year just ahead. I'm no exception, so I will spend this column conceptualizing what a perfect commercial real-estate market might look like.

Turning landlord crises into tenant opportunities

It's the season to be jolly for most people this time of the year, but for some landlords and developers, it's become the Mad Hatter's Tea Party in terms of what's taking place in office-space rents in a couple of North City submarkets.

Things for which we can give thanks

With the election tug-of-wars behind us and Thanksgiving two days away, it's an appropriate time to reflect on what we can be thankful for concerning the state of our region.

Why office rents are unlikely to increase in the short term

What a difference a few months can make in the world of commercial real estate.

Can one serve two masters?

This won't be the first time this column has had occasion to discuss the traditional role of the commercial real estate broker in the office leasing market. However, what's been said before bears repeating, given the myriad scenarios in which office space users allow themselves to be improperly represented in leasing negotiations.

Turn out the lights -- the office party is over

Lord only knows how many clichés there are to describe the situation now facing the office market, but no doubt there's a boatload of such expressions that would apply. I'm going to do everything I can to resist the various hackneyed quips -- that is, except to use one that's especially applicable.

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