On Gaming

By A.T. Nelson

Video game industry's flurry of bundle deals aims to boost sagging sales

The video game industry appears to be pulling out all the stops this holiday season as the beleaguered sector looks to salvage what remains of a year continually dogged by sagging sales figures.

DCUO gets new life after going free-to-play

In a little over a week since changing the subscription model of "DC Universe Online" to free-to-play, local Sony Online Entertainment boasts a 1,000 percent increase in players, heralding a new start for the comic-book-based massively multiplayer online game.

TechAmerica urges Congress to make tech a top priority

“Technology and innovation are the answer to creating jobs,” TechAmerica interim President and CEO Dan Varroney said during the trade organization’s 18th annual High Tech Awards on Friday.

BlizzCon attracts thousands; TIGA submits funding proposal

It was quite a week around the video game industry. As BlizzCon did its best to steal most of the spotlight over the weekend, the TIGA quietly submitted a proposal to establish a government-backed creative content fund in the United Kingdom.

Not all bad news for video game industry

In spite of the NPD Group releasing yet another report showing weaker than expected retail sales for the video game industry during the month of September, a closer analysis shows some positive signs among the numbers.

'Gamification' attracts companies looking for innovative training techniques

Looking to find a new job in this down economy or seeking to learn more about becoming a war correspondent? Then odds are that you may need to sharpen up those video game skills in addition to polishing up that résumé, as more industries look to “gamification” for solutions.

Sony, tax incentives among industry's latest controversies

As gamers and shareholders eagerly await Tuesday’s release of Epic’s “Gears of War 3,” the video game industry finds itself coming out of a tumultuous week of headlines highlighted by Sony’s move to quell future class action lawsuits, controversy over tax incentives for game makers, and assisting in AIDS research.

War-themed video games stir controversy, showing not all 9/11 wounds have healed

It’s been 10 years since our nation looked on in horror as the actions of 19 terrorists claimed the lives of nearly 2,800 people and forever altered the course of United States history.

Razer's new laptop shines; GameStop becomes source of controversy

Last week was an interesting one for the video game industry, as the news from the annual Penny Arcade Expo (PAX Prime) in Seattle was offset by a controversial decision from GameStop.

Controversial study reports 20% decrease in video game sales

In spite of the latest report from the commerce department finding that domestic retail sales inched slightly higher in July, the video game industry suffered its worse month since October of 2006, according to the NPD Group.

Deaths in gaming community should serve as warning to marathon gamers

The Staniforth family of Sheffield, England, shared a cautionary tale about the dangers of marathon video game sessions with the London’s Sun this past weekend, after a coroner report found that the sudden death of their 20-year-old son in May was due to a blood clot caused by deep vein thrombosis.

Celebrities overshadow video games at Comic-Con

Video games have become just as much a part of our culture as any other form of entertainment. However, with our societal obsession on celebrity, this industry finds itself playing a distant second fiddle to Hollywood as one of Comic-Con’s main attractions.

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