By George Mitrovich

The N.Y. mayor, police commissioner and union leader

When the head of a union representing police officers in New York City, is at odds with the city's mayor, not over contract negotiations, but an accusation of not supporting the men and women in blue, choosing street protesters over police and being complicitous in the killing of two officers in Brooklyn, that’s intolerable.

The most interesting man I ever met

Malcolm Muggeridge was a friend of mine, from the day we met over tea at the Huntington Sheraton in Pasadena in 1965, until the day he died, Nov. 14, 1990 – 24 years ago today.

Radical reform for a democracy in distress

I believe in government, which is established through the means of politics.

America’s drug epidemic: Our greatest threat

The drug epidemic sweeping our country is someone else’s problem until it becomes your problem, as it has become my family’s problem.

Wait for verdict on what Roger Goodell may have known

Few things annoy me more than when the argument “He should have known” or “She should have known” is used.

Held hostage to water

When I was doing some work for the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, I put together a private dinner at Rainwater’s (Remember Rainwater’s? What a loss.).

Traffic court and the denial of democracy

Have you been to traffic court? Let me presume you haven't. Great. Because you don't want to go there. You will lose. The system is set up for you to lose. And as systems go, this one is virtually fail-safe.

Immigration: 32 years and counting

The City Club of San Diego held a national conference on immigration in 1982. As conferences go, this became hugely significant.

If you break it, you own it

On the invasion of Iraq, Gen. Colin Powell famously told President George W. Bush, “If you break, it you own it.”

America's greatest danger

Philip Seymour Hoffman was a great actor. He was also a heroin addict.

'Fumble'? Did you say 'fumble,' Mr. President?

The rollout of President Barack Obama’s health care act was a major screw-up and when the president described it at a press conference as a “fumble,” he insulted our intelligence.

Nov. 22, 1963 — That terrible day

President John Fitzgerald Kennedy was killed 50 years ago today, dead of an assassin’s bullet while riding in the streets of Dallas. Like so many others of a certain generation, I remember where I was and what I was doing when I heard the shocking news.

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