By Fred Schnaubelt

Why the prevailing-wage ordinance is a bad idea

Not widely known, the White House and Capitol building were constructed in large part by blacks, some free, some not — along with immigrants who worked side by side without conflict.

Apartment prices set to skyrocket

We are just ending the worst real estate slump in 40 years. The most recent boom peaked in 2005-06 and then the bottom dropped out.

Gun ignorance

The incomprehensible murder of 20 children in Connecticut can no more be explained than why more than 5,000 children have cancer and are being treated at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

Romney’s 47 percent and the $64,000 question

Republicans in Congress are so stupid. President Barack Obama set the trap; they walked in. They think Obama’s demand to tax the “rich” is about increasing government revenues, even though he’s said it’s not. The Republicans will cave in again because government spending has shrunk only three times in 62 years: 1954, 1965 and lastly in 2010 when the tea party ascended. The Democratic Party has been the “party of the rich” for decades, led by rich media manipulators.

Stage set for Republican wins in 2014 and 2016

After losing his 99th consecutive game, Charlie Brown, the great American philosopher of "Peanuts," hangs his head.

Capitalism for dummies, part II

My first job was delivering the weekly Shopping News door-to-door in the 1950s. I walked neighborhoods with a double bag, front and back filled with “newspapers” carrying ads only. The Shopping News was bought by the San Diego Independent or possibly San Diego Daily Journal. My brother delivered the Journal until the Evening Tribune bought it in 1950. When I was 11, I got a bike and took over delivering the Evening Tribune.

Capitalism for dummies

How a high school dropout left an estate of around $28 million in today’s dollars seems profoundly unfair to anti-capitalists everywhere.

The fiction of majority vote

The “American people” want compromise, says The New York Times. The “American people” want a balanced budget, say the Republicans. The “American people” want free medical care, a free college education, free contraceptives, free food stamps, free mass transit, free immigration, and free or partly free housing, say the Democrats (and Democrats want Republicans to go along to get along). Everyone with an agenda claims to speak for the “American people.”

A key to success revisited

On May 7, 1931, the most sensational manhunt in New York history came to a climax.

To learn or not to learn — that is the question

When billionaire Richard Branson was 4 years old, his mother drove him outside London and asked him if he could find his way home. He said he thought so, and she said to get out and do it. Eight or nine hours later, he found his way home. Branson said that after that, nothing ever seemed difficult the rest of his life. A high school dropout and never having gone to college, Branson was a millionaire by age 19. Forbes estimates he’s worth $4 billion today.

Kill the oil speculators

Much of the media and particularly Fox News' Bill O'Reilly have been demonizing speculators for raising the price of gasoline over the past three weeks. O'Reilly says the gasoline we buy doesn't belong to the oil companies but to the American people. It's our land — it's our oil.

A down and dirty primer on apartment investing

You may run into outright fraud on extremely rare occasions when investing in apartments. Margit Loeser's on-site manager told her a decade later that when she bought her apartments brand-new, the seller had listed his ex-wife, gardener and a politician as paying above market rents when they paid no rent at all. They all moved within three months of the close of escrow. The higher fictitious rents resulted in a higher purchase price than otherwise possible. The seller had died by the time Loeser found out, so she had no recourse.

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