Think About It

By George Hawkins

Gay rights and religious rights

Recently the U.S. Supreme Court concluded that marriage between individuals of the same sex is protected by our constitution. That now seems to be settled law, though one never really knows anymore.

Trumped: The strange appeal of The Donald

The American public is being trumped. The Donald has captured headlines and is leading the popularity polls among the 17 announced Republican Party candidates.

Archival footage relives Battle of Midway

We have toured the USS Midway Museum, tied up on San Diego’s waterfront, several times since it opened to visitors in 2004. Each time, there has been something new to investigate. One of the more recent additions is a short movie, “The Voices of Midway,” detailing the Battle of Midway.

What’s the best way to keep kids safe at school?

School districts all around San Diego are reviewing their security needs, in part because of the horrible events that occurred nearly three years ago at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn. A deranged gun-toting 20-year-old shot his way through that elementary school and killed 20 children and six adult staff members.

San Diego attractions worthy of the brag

For the past month we have had several groups of out-of-town friends and family visiting. It has been tour-guide time for us.

Identity secrets on the Internet

Of late there have been regular reports about some business or institution being electronically invaded. As sophisticated as we have been told they are, computer defense systems aren’t able to prevent hackers from capturing personal data. People with advanced computing skills seem to be able to collect pretty much what they want when they want it.

Finishing up a year on the grand jury

Last fall I was talking with a former Superior Court Judge about the civil grand jury system that is in place in California. While he was appreciative of the general concept of having a citizen oversight system at the broad level of a grand jury, he did not seem impressed with the way members are selected.

The Confederate flag isn't to blame

The incredibly vast array of things that induce people to commit vicious crimes is almost beyond comprehension. During the middle part of the 20th century, insidious criminal training manuals were resplendent in many soda shops. I think they were called comic books as a way to fool adults into letting their kids learn killing techniques.

Graduation ceremonies for young and old

While graduation ceremonies can occur during almost any season, we are typically smothered with graduates in the late spring and early summer. For many, this is a time that reminds us of the next steps in our lives. For others, no kind of graduation ever occurs.

Redefining life, need, freedom for political reasons

One of the more recent sets of statistics about the number of pregnancies in the United States that end through artificial means comes from an Associated Press survey of the 45 states that keep such records.

English-language ballots should be the standard

There are areas of some cities in which most of the posted signs are in Spanish, Vietnamese or Chinese, to name a few. This may put many English only readers at a loss.

Questions to ask about climate change

Is the sky falling? Not yet, apparently, but everything else that could go wrong with the world’s climate is about to happen. In short, the world as we know it, at least according to some, is quickly going south.

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