Think About It

By George Hawkins

Throwing blame seems universal in government, life

It is predictable. Nearly every time someone wants to explain a difficult or unpopular situation, some variation of INMF is invoked: "It's not my fault."

Term limits not antidote in California

Arguments in favor of term limits, those laws that establish a maximum number of years or terms an individual may serve in a particular elective or appointed office, are pretty sexy. The idea that this country does not need a professional politician ranks high among them.

People are offended far too easily

Is the Mount Soledad monument a religious shrine or a memorial providing a place to show respect for and reflect on those who served our country? As in art, it depends on the eyes of the beholder.

'Level playing field' depends on who's asking for it

"Level Playing Field" is one of those phrases people use when they talk about how government should regulate business. "We just want a level playing field," they say. What is actually meant by level playing field almost always depends on who is calling for one.

Construction workforce needs to be flexible, mobile

The frequently chanted mantra by any number of area politicians is "public construction jobs for local construction craftspeople." These, they say, are the people who pay the taxes that support the projects. They should get the work. As attractive as this self-serving concept sounds, it may be impossible to accomplish for construction.

Greater reliance on self-interest should be encouraged

As long ago as 1858 and perhaps before that, self-interest was a subject of criticism. As a candidate for the nomination to run for president, Abraham Lincoln pointed out in debates with Stephen Douglas that it is unacceptable to insist "that there is no right principle of action but self-interest."

Selective amnesia

My wife remembers every fight we've ever had. I don't remember a single one. Oh, I can count up a few of the many times we've disagreed about things and I remember the very few times we didn't resolve those differences equitably, but fights? No, I don't remember any fights.

Politicians suffer no consequences for failure

Skunks have several natural predators. Some are airborne, like hawks, eagles and Great Horned Owls. Land-based enemies include cougars, coyotes, badgers, foxes, bobcats and the two Parson Jack Russell Terriers that protect our house.

Critics should quit hollering racism at Arizona

Has anyone actually read Arizona Senate Bill 1070? The furor over that state's pending statute about illegal aliens has reached fever pitch. San Diego's City Council has expressed dismay and Pasadena may enter the fray. In return, various businesses are getting letters from Arizona citizens saying they've abandoned their California vacation plans.

'Prevailing wage' law not recipe for free enterprise success

Positive thinking is widely praised as a valuable tool for success. Saying you will succeed at something is a good way to encourage yourself to make it happen.

Government should force Big Labor to collect its own dues

There are several kinds of government employee "paycheck protection" concepts. One is to make public employee union members pay their dues or fees directly to the union rather than have their employers collect the money and send it to the union on their behalf. That step was taken by executive order in Colorado a few years ago when Gov. Bill Owens declared his office "is not a bank."

Health insurance: I have to buy... or else

Is there any product in America that you must buy just because government tells you to? Other than health insurance, that is? Since the passage of the health insurance overhaul March 22, I've been trying to think of even one other product I have to buy solely because government says I must.

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George Hawkins

George Hawkins is retired after 35 years as a construction industry association manager. He was broadcast reporter and news anchor in Denver. As a Navy officer, he saw action in Vietnam in the River Assault ...

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