The Instant Age

By Jon Schmid

Google’s menagerie of algorithms continues to change the SEO game

Penguins get a bad rap.

Social media a valuable tool during a crisis

Hurricane Sandy and other recent natural disasters have demonstrated that social media are an important part of an effective communications strategy, particularly during times of crisis. The public has come to expect public agencies’ Twitter, Facebook and other online channels to be updated regularly with valuable information in the wake of a major event.

Will social media influence presidential elections?

It’s election time, and the tweets are flying fast and furious. The second presidential debate alone generated 7.2 million posts with traffic spiking at 109,000 messages per minute (the Twitter count for the third debate was slightly lower).

The public relations guide to Pinterest

If Tumblr and Flickr had a baby, its name would be Pinterest.

Wearable technology makes updating Facebook easy

With more than 7.5 million followers on Twitter and millions of likes to his Facebook posts, Ashton Kutcher is definitely a social media heavyweight. Details magazine, in its September issue, also described the actor who played Kelso in "That ’70s Show" (and recently replaced Charlie Sheen in "Two And A Half Men"), as an “oracle-in-training” on the future of tech.

The new kid in town: using Google+ for business

Google has entered the social media space with an intriguing offering called Google+ (pronounced Google Plus), which launched late June, first for a select group of insiders, and then to the general public. A day after launching the invite-only test version, Google had to suspend the option to invite friends to join because of an “insane demand” for accounts, according to Mashable.

Social media for restaurateurs

After more than 20 years in the business, Café Coyote enjoyed a great reputation and had a loyal clientele. Like most restaurants, this Old Town eatery relied for years on the tried-and-true methods of advertising and word of mouth to attract new customers.

Social media's role in the doctor-patient relationship

Some time ago, in an earlier column, I mentioned that most people do Internet research about their symptoms before consulting with a physician.

Social media with staying power ... for business

This month marks the one-year anniversary of Facebook officially surpassing Google as the most visited website. This little factoid says a lot about the evolution of the online experience and the growing power of social media.

Social media for pharma isn't easy

Marketing by the pharmaceutical industry is tightly controlled and closely monitored by federal regulators, and with good reason.

AGBT causes outrage with real-time social media ban

Twitter and blogs have become standard and highly efficient ways for conference and trade show attendees to communicate news coming out of a meeting, but that laissez-faire attitude might be changing.

Hispanics use Twitter more -- really?

For Vanessa Woods, having a Facebook page just isn't enough. To satisfy both her personal networking needs and those of her small makeup-artist business, she has two Facebook accounts and two Twitter profiles.

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