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By Paul Downey

Sequestration affects everyone, including hungry seniors

Sequestration is now officially the law of the land, thanks to Congress approving a continuing resolution – that includes the “fiscal cliff” cuts – to fund the federal government through Sept. 30. What does it mean? Simple. Partisanship on both sides trumps doing what is best for the American people and, as a result, millions will suffer.

Starting your encore career – where to begin?

Last month, I wrote about Baby Boomers choosing their purpose-driven second careers later in life called the “Encore Career.” The concept stems from a book by Marc Freedman called “Encore: Finding Work That Matters in the Second Half of Life,” where he speaks to many examples of older adults changing careers later in life.

Baby boomers are choosing purpose-driven second careers

In Marc Freedman’s book “Encore: Finding Work That Matters in the Second Half of Life,” he speaks to many examples of older adults changing careers later in life.

An open letter to Mayor Bob Filner

Dear Mayor Bob Filner,

For businesses, choosing right charity can be mutually beneficial

During the holidays, corporate giving can be essential to organizations and individuals who are in need, especially seniors and other at-risk groups during this time of year. Businesses, both large and small, use their resources to support those who may be less fortunate. This is not only beneficial to those receiving the help, but also can strengthen the dynamic internally in a business.

Boomers, your vote is important in the 2012 election

With the election just more than a week away, politicians and proposition committees are reaching out to voters age 50 and older to help seal their success on the November ballot. The 50 plus demographic, which includes millions of caregivers and their elderly parents, are intensely concerned about issues like Social Security and Medicare.

Create an age-friendly work environment

Bullying has been a topic in the news for a few years now. But bullying is rarely heard of among adults, and especially among older adults in the workplace.

Take a stand against ageism, see life’s journey through familiar faces

Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “Beautiful young people are accidents of nature, but beautiful old people are works of art.” This could not be truer.

Corporate volunteerism more than a gesture, it could change someone’s life

Corporate volunteerism is not dead. In fact, it is flourishing and alive here in San Diego, and the results it brings to the community, the employees involved and the lives that are touched are unmatched.

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst

What would you do if you were incapacitated because of an illness and unable to speak or advocate for yourself? How would you convey your wishes to your doctors? How would you let your loved ones know how you would like your care handled?

San Diego to lose vital service for seniors

Each day, homeless seniors seek help at Senior Community Centers and with other social service organizations. Most of these men and women are good people who have done the “right” thing only to have life intervene. Health problems or loss of job are typically the culprits for senior homelessness.

An open letter to the San Diego mayoral candidates

Dear San Diego mayoral candidates,

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Paul Downey

Paul Downey is the president and CEO of Senior Community Centers, a nonprofit agency dedicated to increasing the quality of life for San Diego seniors living in poverty. Learn more at

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