Guest Commentary

By Shawn VanDiver

Lip service does nothing to help veterans

Estimates are that anywhere between 22 and 50 veterans commit suicide every day in our country. Although it’s a tragedy, I don’t find it very shocking.

San Diego's role in national security

My favorite part about living in San Diego is that when I tell someone where I am from, the first comment is inevitably about the weather. And who can argue? A recent trip to D.C. reminded me just how gorgeous it is here. They often talk about the beaches; sometimes they say “Oh, Gaslamp, right?” or something about Comic-Con. These are the things our town is known for.

Pay Our Military Act is just a trick

The federal government has partially shut down. And National Institutes of Health employees, National Park Service employees, non-essential congressional employees and all federal employees deemed nonessential are furloughed.

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Shawn VanDiver

Shawn VanDiver is a 12-year Navy veteran, faculty at three universities, and serves on several boards focused on human trafficking, national and international security, and emergency management. He ...

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