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By Jim Schmidt

Let's tell the public the truth about growth

There continues to be a lack of understanding about the vital issue of growth in communities like the San Diego area. I suggest that San Diego set up public seminars to explain to our citizens the true facts and information on growth. Two questions should be asked:

New federal tax proposal has serious problems for Californians

On Nov. 1 a 270-page Federal Tax Proposal titled "Simple, Fair, & Pro-Growth: Proposals to Fix America's Tax System" was introduced by The President's Advisory Panel on Federal Tax Reform. The huge report (not legislation) had some good news in that the nine-member panel did not propose the 23 percent national sales tax plan that could be charged on the sales of new homes and new cars, as well as on professional fees.

Update on federal fair tax disaster for Californians

Last December a two-part article in The Daily Transcript highlighted many of the negative aspects of the Fair Tax Act (HR 25) proposed by Rep. John Linder, R-Ga.

Chargers planning some positives for San Diego

The San Diego Chargers are developing a positive solution on discussions for a new stadium for San Diego. The existing stadium is almost 40 years old, with maintenance needs. Local roads and freeway interchanges in Mission Valley also need enhancements.

Subtract road connections, add freeway gridlock

After World War II and through the 1960s, San Diego County saw its share of unprecedented growth -- aided by major roads that were built or expanded without opposition. In particular, development in the east, from North Park to El Cajon, saw the establishment and improvement of six major east-west surface roads running parallel to Interstate 8 and State Route 94.

Does the Sierra Club favor traffic congestion?

The Sierra Club filed suit in Nevada to try to stop the widening of five miles of U.S. 95, the most heavily traveled corridor in Nevada, from six to 10 lanes near Las Vegas. The widening project is the No. 1 transportation priority in Nevada. The Sierra Club's lawsuit claims that the widening poses a risk of cancer, and heart and lung diseases. The case has broad national implications.

Proposition A: Extension of TransNet sales tax a must for San Diego

The half-cent TransNet sales tax, which funds regional transportation projects, is set to expire in 2008. In 1987, the measure only needed a simple majority and passed with 53.17 percent voter approval. This Nov. 2, Proposition A will seek to extend this tax and will need a two-thirds voter approval to do so.

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Jim Schmidt

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