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Jeffrey Gitomer is the author of The Sales Bible and The Little Red Book of Selling. President of Charlotte-based Buy Gitomer, he gives seminars, runs annual sales meetings, and conducts Internet training programs on selling and customer service at He can be reached at 704/333-1112 or e-mail to

Sales Moves

1. How come people don’t call me back?

How do you respond to your customer’s words and barriers? The answer is: carefully, truthfully and with authority.

What are your social goals this year?

New Year’s resolutions are a pain. Lose 20 pounds. Eat better. Get in shape. Join the gym. Run three miles a day. Stop smoking. Stop drinking. Stop (fill in the blank).

Happy New Year! Or … is it?

Let's see, there's summer, fall, winter, spring and uh, jolly. For the uninformed, the jolly season started around Thanksgiving and goes all the way until Christmas. Or what used to be called Christmas. Now it’s called the holiday season, to make certain that no one is offended.

About 95 percent of all salespeople try to fit their sales day into a normal workday. They want their day to be from 9 to 5, maybe from 8 to 5, maybe even from 8 to 6, but very little before that or after that.

If you want to gain new self-confidence, look for old information. Old is often new.

It’s Thanksgiving — the coolest holiday of the year for me. I love Thanksgiving. Food, family, you name it. It’s a time to be thankful.

Everyone knows that as a nation we are somewhere between overweight and obese. This is not good.

I’m giving a 10-minute talk at Toastmasters in New York City tomorrow night. Subject? Humor — what it is, how to create it and how to use it.

For most people, change is a mixture of what was, what used to be, what is present, what I’m being faced with now, what I believe the future holds, and what I have to change to face that future.

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