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Stan Sewitch has over 35 years in business as an entrepreneur, consultant and executive. His adventures include founding HRG Inc., Emlyn Systems, Chromagen and KI Investment Holdings. Stan serves as a director on several boards as well. Stan holds an M.S. in Organizational Psychology from California State University at Long Beach, and a B.A. in Physiological Psychology from San Diego State University. He serves as the Vice President of Global Organization Development for WD-40 Company. Stan can be reached at

Notes From The Corporate Underground

Our company’s global human resources team assembles once a year to learn from each other, come to consensus on important programs and strategies, and debate how we can best support our internal clients.

For those of you who are in your 40s, this column is for you. I want to share what you’re going to experience in about 20 years hence. If you plan ahead, it won’t be unpleasant at all; it will be really fun.

"You’re kidding, right?” I asked. “Ramona has such an event?”

The leader is supposed to look farther ahead than anyone else, to anticipate as much as possible. This truth is the same on a mountain climb as it is in the boardroom. It's the same on the bridge of an aircraft carrier as it is in an outrigger canoe.

Scratch the surface of any given soul and you will find that everybody’s life path has been a textured, challenging, colorful, joyous, tragic epic. Or will be.

On the way to the airport after a week’s work in Spain, rocky cliffs rose to my right, filled with countless glass-fronted crypts, bright in the early sunrise. They spoke of the transience of life and the many generations of Spaniards who were born, lived their lives and finally died, survived by some number of friends and family who were not yet finished with their own journeys on the planet.

So Iran is helping Iraq fight the Islamic State — another data point supporting the fluidity of international antagonisms and alliances. This year’s enemy is next year’s friend, and vice versa.

“I get sick riding in a Buick. That’s why I bought the BMW sedan,” Frank said.

Here in Monterrey, Mexico, we held our periodic conference of Latin American distributors. It is a time of sharing ideas, lessons learned and ways to work together across national boundaries. It’s about making fun of ourselves and having fun in general.

Wealthy, sometimes sketchy characters bring their money to the United States, funneled through companies whose ownership is opaque, in order to protect that wealth from prying prosecutors or tenuous conditions in the homeland. They buy real estate, which has always been the safest long-term bet in America.

We live in an economy whose sources of value generation are mostly services, more than 70 percent of GDP. Many of those services are not optional, such as wastewater treatment, fire prevention and law enforcement. Many others are offered in the free market.

I met my good friend Oliver at a pizza joint, after several years’ absence of communication. When last we met it was 2008, his business was shrinking after a decade of unimpeded growth and the balance sheet was an iceberg.

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