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Daniel Coffey is a 22-year attorney with a chemical engineering undergraduate degree from University of California, Davis. A former appointee to the San Diego Park and Recreation Board, Mr. Coffey follows San Diego politics closely as an active member of the community.

On San Diego

Risk is the new, vague, one-word mantra circulating within the climate change community, the polite shortcut to knowledge. A sophisticated sounding word, risk is more aptly a substitute word meaning bad things. It can mean risk of loss or probability, but who really knows? It just sounds good.

To listen to some Republican and conservative voices, the response of the United States to Russia’s annexation of the Crimean portion of Ukraine should be through use of military means, gauging that lesser responses lack strength or machismo and send a weak message.

The Earth Policy Institute (EPI) is a fascinating organization. The brainchild of its brilliant founder, Lester Brown, EPI offers insightful and reasoned analysis of important topics, including food, water and energy supplies. The EPI was founded in 2001 to “provide a vision and a road map for achieving an environmentally sustainable economy.”

The 2014 Climate Leadership Conference took place this week at Hyatt Regency Mission Bay. The Association of Climate Change Officers, the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions, The Climate Registry, and the U.S. EPA were among the key sponsors. It was excellent.

Congratulations to Kevin Faulconer on becoming San Diego’s newest mayor-elect.

Infocast Inc. organizes events for various industries, including oil and natural gas, renewable energy and fuels, transmission, power generation and storage, infrastructure, bio-based fuels and chemicals, technology, finance, metals and mining, healthcare and biotech, nuclear, water, manufacturing and logistics, and law.

For those interested in rapidly curtailing greenhouse gas emissions to help reduce the adverse consequences of global warming, practical energy storage is extraordinarily important. In fact, cost-effective chemical batteries stand directly in the crossroad of any meaningful renewable energy system which involves wind, solar or other intermittent energy extraction processes.

On Dec. 23, the Fourth District Court of Appeal, Division One, in San Diego, issued an opinion for official publication in connection with the city of San Diego’s appeal of its obligation to pay the millions of dollars in attorneys’ fees incurred by a group of innocent pension board members wrongly charged, inter alia, with criminal violation of the state’s conflict of interest laws.

For those of us who know and love people with family and friends living in the Philippines, recent news of Typhoon Haiyan wreaking massive and widespread devastation upon otherwise nameless millions is particularly difficult to absorb.

The tea party faction of the Republican Party is applying the naïve time-tested party principle: If you want to gain attention, get drunk and wear a lampshade as a hat. This tactic works, but in real life if you want to be respected, in serious matters at least, omit the lampshade.

How is it any longer possible to justify trusting the Republican Party or any of its subparts? Years of systematic misconduct, stunts and misdirection designed to harm the United States and the vast majority of its citizens have earned the Republican Party a healthy dollop of mistrust. If not for the brigade of Fox News opinion-shapers and talk-radio hosts directing their skills with Orwellian language and reasoning, few people would be taken in by the ever more bizarre antics of a once-great political institution.

On Friday, Sept. 13th, Interim Mayor Todd Gloria offered some insights and critiques of former Mayor Bob Filner’s administration. He provided lessons for what is needed in an effective mayor along with some of the curative steps he has taken to heal the wounds left in the aftermath of the Filner administration.

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