George Mitrovich

George Mitrovich is president of The City Club of San Diego and The Denver Forum, two leading American public forums.


“In the Matter of Kevin Faulconer,” my column that ran last month in the Daily Transcript, appears to have displeased some people who admire the mayor.

On Election Day last year, Kevin Faulconer received five votes from the Mitrovich family, which is to say he received five votes from five Democrats.

This is the 40th year of The City Club of San Diego. Despite the fact we’ve presented 1,193 programs in the public interest and despite The City Club’s standing as one of the America’s top public forums — No. 3 by one rating organization — The City Club remains largely unknown in our town.

How many times have you heard speakers say, “I’m not an expert, but…” Then they proceed to discuss the subject they have already admitted they’re unqualified to talk about. Just say what you are going to say. It will stand on its merits — or not.

When the head of a union representing police officers in New York City, is at odds with the city's mayor, not over contract negotiations, but an accusation of not supporting the men and women in blue, choosing street protesters over police and being complicitous in the killing of two officers in Brooklyn, that’s intolerable.

Malcolm Muggeridge was a friend of mine, from the day we met over tea at the Huntington Sheraton in Pasadena in 1965, until the day he died, Nov. 14, 1990 – 24 years ago today.

I believe in government, which is established through the means of politics.

The drug epidemic sweeping our country is someone else’s problem until it becomes your problem, as it has become my family’s problem.

Few things annoy me more than when the argument “He should have known” or “She should have known” is used.

When I was doing some work for the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, I put together a private dinner at Rainwater’s (Remember Rainwater’s? What a loss.).

Have you been to traffic court? Let me presume you haven't. Great. Because you don't want to go there. You will lose. The system is set up for you to lose. And as systems go, this one is virtually fail-safe.

The City Club of San Diego held a national conference on immigration in 1982. As conferences go, this became hugely significant.

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