Carl DeMaio

Councilmember DeMaio represents San Diego’s fifth council district.

Guest Commentary

Everyone knows it’s a tough economy. And if you own a business in San Diego, you know that government red tape makes life even tougher. In fact, the best thing that government can usually do for business is to just get out of the way.

Small businesses create about two-thirds of all jobs. They are the backbone of a local economy.

As a businessman, I know firsthand the difficulties of owning and running your own business.

With the city of San Diego facing a significant structural budget deficit, city government's first priority should be addressing its excessive costs. However there are also creative ways to raise revenues without increasing taxes and fees on San Diego's working families.

On June 8, San Diego voters will have an important opportunity to advance common-sense reform in our financially-troubled city government by voting Yes on Prop. D.

As a businessman, I never liked leaving money on the table in negotiations. Now that I have dedicated my time in elected office to fixing San Diego's financial problems, I feel the same way when it comes to reforming the city's pension system. Until the pension system is fixed, our city's financial health will never be reformed.

One of the key elements of my efforts to fix the city's financial problems is to advocate new policies that help put San Diegans back to work.

They're at it again! The politicians and lobbyists at San Diego City Hall have concocted yet another plan to impose a stealth tax in San Diego. The net increase of the tax is estimated to be $9.6 million -- all of which will go to the same City Hall that already cannot account for two years' worth of revenue it has spent. What's worse, this scheme they plan to impose is a tax that has been voted on and decisively rejected by San Diego voters not once, but twice in the past two years.

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