George Hawkins

George Hawkins is retired after 35 years as a construction industry association manager. He was broadcast reporter and news anchor in Denver. As a Navy officer, he saw action in Vietnam in the River Assault Squadrons and is the recipient of a Silver Star and Purple Heart.

Think About It

Trash collection days in the San Diego area vary from community to community. The people whose full- or part-time business is rifling through the blue recycle containers must plan their days, or at least their mornings, according to the schedule set by the refuse-collection companies.

The drought continues, as does the legal dispute between the Metropolitan Water District and the San Diego County Water Authority. The current dry spell is about three years old. The lawsuit is five years of age. Each continues and there is at least some question as to which will end first.

Eight years ago, while I was the chief executive officer, the San Diego Chapter of Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) decided to step up its opposition to any requirement that project labor agreements (PLAs) apply to taxpayer funded public construction. We intended to use the initiative process.

Periodically someone or some watchdog group suggests San Diego’s City Council change the People’s Ordinance. The most recent organization to recommend a change to this part of the city’s governing structure is the San Diego County Taxpayers Association, of which I am a member. I agree with the position of the taxpayers.

Some people see the decision by the California Board of Education to suspend the Academic Performance Index for the second consecutive year as a step backward. It could just as easily be seen as a move to correct a problem. The API testing system has been abused.

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s confrontation with public employee unions a few years ago has propelled Walker to a political center stage. At Walker’s urging, Wisconsin now limits the bargaining authority of public employee unions.

If you read U-T San Diego or pay attention to sports shows, you’re probably aware that Major League Baseball games will be starting soon. The pre-season fuss has nearly drowned out the cacophony about where the Chargers may eventually play football. Baseball hype is ratcheting up with roster changes, coaching changes, predictions and an ever-expanding flood of statistics.

Recent news from Eastern Ukraine seems hopeful. Some sort of agreement has, apparently, been reached in that tortuous fight. It will be some time before we know for certain what it will mean for the Ukrainian people who, in the early 1990s. believed they had escaped the clutches of a despotic Russian regime.

Here we go again. The 2016 election season is unofficially underway. Most Democrats seem to be holding off on announcing a run until a certain Clinton makes an official decision. Republicans are stumbling all over each other as they put their toes in the money-raising waters. The number of Republicans on some lists is staggering; there are new names and repeat performers.

Some residents and business owners near the 16-acre Navy Broadway Complex say there are sound reasons not to expand the site, but one of the reasons that has been offered doesn’t even come close.

As it reaches downtown San Diego, the Orange Line trolley passes through stretches that appear to be attractive to part of the county’s homeless. In some sections, blue tarps, an occasional tent, and many shopping carts line the sidewalks.

There are four historic districts in the city of San Diego listed in the National Register of Historic Places, according to a flier at the former San Diego Naval Training Center in Liberty Station. NTC is one of them.

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