George Hawkins

George Hawkins is retired after 35 years as a construction industry association manager. He was broadcast reporter and news anchor in Denver. As a Navy officer, he saw action in Vietnam in the River Assault Squadrons and is the recipient of a Silver Star and Purple Heart.

Think About It

For the past month we have had several groups of out-of-town friends and family visiting. It has been tour-guide time for us.

Of late there have been regular reports about some business or institution being electronically invaded. As sophisticated as we have been told they are, computer defense systems aren’t able to prevent hackers from capturing personal data. People with advanced computing skills seem to be able to collect pretty much what they want when they want it.

Last fall I was talking with a former Superior Court Judge about the civil grand jury system that is in place in California. While he was appreciative of the general concept of having a citizen oversight system at the broad level of a grand jury, he did not seem impressed with the way members are selected.

The incredibly vast array of things that induce people to commit vicious crimes is almost beyond comprehension. During the middle part of the 20th century, insidious criminal training manuals were resplendent in many soda shops. I think they were called comic books as a way to fool adults into letting their kids learn killing techniques.

While graduation ceremonies can occur during almost any season, we are typically smothered with graduates in the late spring and early summer. For many, this is a time that reminds us of the next steps in our lives. For others, no kind of graduation ever occurs.

One of the more recent sets of statistics about the number of pregnancies in the United States that end through artificial means comes from an Associated Press survey of the 45 states that keep such records.

There are areas of some cities in which most of the posted signs are in Spanish, Vietnamese or Chinese, to name a few. This may put many English only readers at a loss.

Is the sky falling? Not yet, apparently, but everything else that could go wrong with the world’s climate is about to happen. In short, the world as we know it, at least according to some, is quickly going south.

It is hard to imagine making a decision to leave your home for a new country, no matter how bad things may be where you are. Can you conceive of a situation so dire that you conclude the best course is to send your young children away, perhaps never to see them again? No one should ever have to deal with such draconian choices.

My last official day as an active duty member of the United States Navy was March 1, 1971. I was reminded of that as I was sifting through various documents looking for a specific piece of material I needed.

Perfidy is defined in several ways. One definition is “an act or an instance of disloyalty.” Another is a “deliberate breach of faith; calculated violation of trust; treachery.” Both definitions apply to Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid and to the Chula Vista Elementary School District Board of Trustees.

Spring has arrived and the word from the San Diego Zoo and Safari Park, as well as the backyard, is new babies. They are arriving one after another and they are cute. Little baby birds, big baby hippos — size does not matter. Cute is what counts.

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