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Warren is president of TW2 Marketing, a San Diego-based marketing and public relations firm that assists professional service organizations of all sizes with their communications needs. TW2 is a CREW San Diego sponsor and handles the organization's public relations. Follow Teresa on Twitter at @teresawarren and @tw2marketing.

CREW Corner

The editor of CREW Corner recently sat down with Jill Winchell, CEO of Jill Winchell Design, a San Diego-based commercial real estate interior design firm. Winchell has more than 25 years of design expertise and works with clients in biotech, technology, corporate, mixed use and health care. She is also an adjunct professor at SDSU.

Repositioning and renovations continue to outpace new construction starts for office space in San Diego. CREW San Diego members and guests experienced first-hand Sorrento Mesa’s largest office technology property renovation to date, Enclave Sorrento, when CREW hosted an educational forum and tour at the newly completed campus, 9808 and 9868 Scranton Road.

Jill Winchell, a principal of Jill Winchell Design, LLC, based in San Diego, an adjunct professor in the Interior Design Department at San Diego State University and an active member of CREW San Diego, recently talked with the editor of CREW Corner about preparing students for careers in design and real estate.

Every January for the past several years, San Diego’s Commercial Real Estate Women — CREW — has invited economist Joseph Quinlan to speak at the annual Economic Trends Forecast event.

CREW San Diego will host a special 30th anniversary Leadership Evening Event on Nov. 21 at the University of San Diego. Bestselling author Shaunti Feldhahn will be the featured speaker, discussing the differences between men and women in the workplace, how to have productive working relationships and overcome obstacles you may not even know existed. I recently chatted with Feldhahn.

By definition, a strategy is the art of combining and employing the means to an end. Building a strategy can often be like putting together a 1,000-piece puzzle; there are many small pieces that must all fit together seamlessly for the bigger picture to make sense.

Unemployment at seven percent … the Dow Jones average above 16,000 … sound unrealistic?

Commercial real estate always has been an industry with proverbial hills and valleys. But the past several years, the hills have been higher, and the valleys have been lower than they have been in many decades. As we enter a new year, Commercial Real Estate Women members are reflecting on the past and predicting what the future may hold.

The trials of the past few years in the real estate industry have caused many professionals to re-evaluate their goals. With commercial real estate starting to see signs of new growth, now is an excellent opportunity to determine where you want to next take your career.

Anyone holding their breath for the commercial real estate market’s recovery had better stop, now. Anyone expecting to once again do business like the good old pre-recession days better readjust their thinking, fast.

One fallout of the great recession was the substantial decrease in commercial real estate occupancy rates. Tenants may be able to now move to office space that was previously too expensive or lower their overhead by moving to a more cost-effective location. The editor of CREW Corner, Teresa Warren, sat down with Lindsey Smith, a San Diego commercial real estate office broker, to talk about how her services can benefit a company looking for new office space.

San Diego's life science and commercial real estate communities are intertwined more tightly than most probably realize. CREW San Diego recently convened a panel of experts from both disciplines to discuss the important relationship between the two.

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