Dane Chapin

Chapin is CEO of USAOPOLY, partner of Zephyr Partners and chairman of Health Savings Associates.

Guest Commentary

President Barack Obama’s disingenuous attack on former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney’s track record at Bain Capital is somewhat akin to judging Cindy Crawford’s supermodel merits on an extreme close-up of her famous facial mole. A mole by itself is obviously not terribly attractive. But on Crawford’s mug it has proven to be priceless, provided you view her face through a Nikon and not an electron microscope.

To hear his newly spawned detractors tell it, you would think Nathan Fletcher went to bed with his Ouija board and discovered his true nature. By leaving the Republican Party to run as an independent in the San Diego mayoral contest, Fletcher has actually managed to secure the wrath of operatives from both sides of the political aisle. I would call that a great accomplishment.

Setting aside whether or not you agree with his ideology or view of the world, it would be hard for anyone to argue that Mitt Romney doesn’t have a long list of exceptional personal attributes that we’d all like to see in our president. He has great personal discipline and a lifelong history of working hard and earning success, and he is a trusted business partner, a good family man and an honorable, dedicated husband.

Something so black and white has never spawned more vivid color as the bloody Syrian debacle that rages on right before our very eyes. Even if the events in Syria didn’t have consequences that extend beyond their national borders, the international inertia is nauseating.

Once again, to the extreme detriment of the economy and country, President Obama has unambiguously demonstrated that he is more interested in perpetuating unbridled union power than buttressing American competitiveness. Why else would he tell one of America's greatest company's and most important strategic corporate assets where and how to build jets.

Failed presidential aspirant Hillary Clinton was prescient in at least one respect when a famous campaign ad she concocted asked the question of who would you want answering the 3 a.m. phone call at the White House.

Isn't it ironic to consider that the real source of the mass inferno now engulfing the Middle East emanates from deep, deep under the ground -- well no, not with hell, but with the oil. It is this oil that not only appeases much of the thirst for the world's cars, trucks, trains and airplanes but also fuels the authoritarian devils populating most of the Middle East that have ruled with virtual unimpeded impunity until now.

Can anyone explain to me why the president is so persistently angry at successful people?

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