Amber Mauer

Mauer is the business development director of The Miller Hull Partnership LLP, based in the firm’s San Diego office. Mauer is also the director of special events for CREW San Diego.

CREW Corner

An astonishing 102,000 people cross the Mexican border at San Ysidro each day. Wait times averaging 90 minutes, and as long as three hours, have a direct correlation to San Diego’s economy, including lost productivity in the border region. The situation is only going to get worse. A study conducted by the San Diego Association of Governments projects an 87 percent increase in vehicle traffic in San Ysidro by the year 2030.

Professionals in the building and real estate industries are being encouraged to embrace the Living Building Challenge by imagining and creating “buildings that generate all of their own energy with renewable resources … a city block or a college campus that shares resources from building to building, growing food and functioning without a dependency on fossil fuel-based transportation … true sustainability in our homes, workplaces, neighborhoods, villages, towns and cities.”

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