Sean Karafin

Karafin is San Diego County Taxpayers Association’s economic policy analyst.


Jobs are at the heart of many local policy debates, including the convention center expansion and the “jobs tax.” These hot-button issues routinely grab headlines and the attention of candidates and elected officials, while many of our region’s long-standing economic drivers receive far less attention.

We hear again and again how the over-taxed, over-regulated business climate of California drives away employers, yet we see businesses succeeding every day across the state and right here in San Diego. It’s easy to presume businesses somehow make do. It’s easy to conclude that businesses are here because of the weather and that there’s something called a “sunshine tax” that businesses and residents must find a way to afford. It’s easy to be wrong.

I hope 2014 allows San Diego to get past the crippling distractions of this past year and back to solving problems. At the San Diego County Taxpayers Association, we will continue to research and educate the public on critical taxpayer issues.

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