Carlsbad, CA 92008

San Diego County is home to the only LEGOLAND in the USA. This amusement park, based around the ubiquitous building blocks, caters to the younger and pre-teen set although older children also find much to like. The park is located in north San Diego County in Carlsbad near the ocean so its weather is usually cool and pleasant.

Rides are themed around LEGOLAND toy sets and include a dragon roller coaster that's perfect for younger children and a Technic Coaster that will thrill the older ones. The Aquanaut ride is fun to ride and fun to watch. Watchers have control of some of the water spouts. Fun Town includes an educational show about fire safety that makes a big impression.

Of course every kid has to drive the mini-cars and get a driver's license. (Wonderful opportunity to see which kids are going to need extra Driver's Ed.) The interactive fountains are another favorite, especially on a hot day.

There are numerous opportunities to play with the blocks and make things. No visit is complete without a stroll through Miniland USA which includes scale models of major cities and their attractions--constructed of LEGOs of course. Don't miss the Marine Band playing in front of the Capital. Many of these exhibits are interactive and allow visitors to control their movements.

LEGOLAND is celebrating its fifth anniversary in San Diego by adding five new attractions. Kids can now dig for dinosaur bones buried in 30 cubic yards of sand and ride the Coastersaurus through a primordial forest; see the Block of Fame with its LEGO portraits of the famous; and fight fires on the Fun Town Fire Academy. Miniland is adding a replica of Florida's Cape Canaveral and Daytona International Speedway.