Barrio Logan


Barrio Logan not subject to new zone plan

The California Coastal Commission has approved the concept of a Local Coastal Plan designation for industrial and residential zones. Despite fears to the contrary, Barrio Logan is expected to be spared the changes.


Parcel on Imperial near Petco sells

A 10,000-square-foot parcel at the southeast corner of Imperial Avenue and 14th Street has been sold for $1.8 million, cash. The property includes a 960-square-foot building on the corner at 1401 Imperial.


Barrio Logan zoning plan measures go down

Plans to zone Barrio Logan's land use that didn't sit well with the shipbuilding industry failed to win voter approval Tuesday night, as both Propositions B and C in the city of San Diego were shot down by voters.


Barrio Logan zoning plan measures go down


Props. B and C defeats may start trend

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Visitor Information

The urban neighborhood of Barrio Logan comprises about 1,000 acres and is situated between downtown San Diego to the north, Interstate 5 to the east, San Diego Bay to the west, and National City to the south. About half of the Barrio Logan community planning area includes properties of the Unified Port of San Diego and Naval Base San Diego.

Naval Base San Diego, also called the 32nd Street Naval Station, is considered the largest U.S. Navy base on the West Coast and is the principal homeport of the Pacific Fleet.

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Barrio Logan’s proximity to the San Diego Bay, large military presence, industrial business concentration, cultural heritage and burgeoning arts community means there are a number of stakeholders in this neighborhood, including: the U.S. Navy; the San Diego Port Tenants Association; the Port of San Diego Ship Repair Association; the Barrio Logan Association, which operates the Barrio Logan Maintenance Assessment District; the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce; the Environmental Health Coalition; the Chicano Park Steering Committee; the youth-focused nonprofit Barrio Station, and the Barrio Art Association.

Barrio Logan’s unusual mix of low- and mid-income residential properties interspersed with commercial, industrial and military operations has long been a source of controversy. The June 2014 primary included two propositions, Prop B and Prop C, that would allow for a new Barrio Logan Community Plan to address land use, urban design, public facilities, noise and historic preservation in the community.

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Barrio Logan Businesses

R.E. Staite Engineering, Inc.

2145 E. Belt St.
San Diego, CA
  • Concrete - Coatings & Services
  • Construction Contractors - Concrete
  • Contractors - Concrete
  • Dredging Services
  • Heavy Foundation
  • Marine Construction
  • Structural Concrete

R.E. Staite Engineering, Inc

2145 E. Belt St.
San Diego, CA
  • Contracting Services
  • Contractors - Concrete
  • Defense Contractors
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Barrio Logan Videos

Mercado del Barrio to be completed in 2012

August 2012 -- Redevelopment continues in Barrio Logan with the construction of the Mercado del Barrio. Reporter Carlos Rico gets an update on the 6.8-acre mixed-use project that includes low-income housing, retail and commercial space, and public areas.

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