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Prior to the 1880's, the Perris Valley was known as the San Jacinto Plains after the river that crosses it. From pre-historic times, Indians inhabited the hills, their trails crisscrossed the valley until Spanish and Mexican miners found gold deposits in the surrounding hills. Sheep roamed the valley, but, as the mines expanded to include tin, coal and even clay, more people discovered what Perris Valley had to offer: moderate climate, rich soil and plenty of flat land.

In 1881, the California Southern Railroad (CSRR) decided to lay their tracks through the valley thereby terminating the transcontinental route of the Santa Fe Railway at San Diego. Mr. Fredrick Thomas Perris was put in personal charge of all surveying and construction of the route.

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The City has recently begun a bold, dynamic master plan transforming our downtown “D” Street corridor into an icon for the City of Perris. This landmark civic venture will create a signature transit and pedestrian-oriented corridor along the 2.0 mile stretch of the street. Stretching a half mile wide at times, the project is a melting pot of people, culture, institutions and activities making this an incredible location for restaurants and retail stores alike.

A key feature of the revitalization project is the introduction of the Metrolink commuter train system that links Perris to Riverside. Stretching 22 miles, this $120 million project expects to accommodate an estimated 2,500 passengers a day. This service is expected to be utilized by people living throughout Southwest County.

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